What Medicine Can You Give Dogs for Pain?

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What Medicine Can You Give a Dog for Pain? It is difficult to make out if a dog is in pain or not because he cannot tell you if he does. If a dog is in a crucial state of pain, he is whining or constantly whimpering.

At this state, you realize something is not as supposed to be. Still, you do not know what or why he is not doing well and start thinking about what medicine you can give a dog for pain?


Do Not Give Your Dog Any Painkiller!

The last thing you want is to have your little friend suffering. The fact not knowing what is going on you put yourself into the peril of accidentally poison him. I recommend and urge you to not give your dog any kind of human painkiller as ibuprofen or any other similar pain relief medicine. The reason is that dogs are not suited for that kind of medicine, therefore, you should never give it to him without the approval of a veterinarian.

Take the rational approach in this situation by taking your four legged friend to the next vet. But, as we all know, this might be the result of a bill cost at the end which you could avoid. As of Healthy Paws this is what the most common claims for bills for dogs of pains are:

  • 1.Stomach issue
  • 2. Skin conditions
  • 3. Ear infections
  • 4. Eye conditions
  • 5. Growth/lump
  • 6. Urinary Tract Infections
  • 7. Allergies
  • 8. Pain
  • 9. Limping
  • 10. Crucial ligament injuries

An expected pay bill can vary between $150 and $4500 which may cut in your financial ability in whatever state you are at the moment of having a dog in its state of crucial pain.

As you might have noticed (if this is not your first time having your dog in pain relief treatment), dog care in general is getting more expensive). This is the state where you have to think about (may be you have already), to get a pet insurance to cover cost of medicine and treatment for dogs.

A treatment of one or the other above mentioned issue can vary from under $100 – over $20,000. At this range you are more likely merit if you are covered by a pet insurance who will cover the costs for treatment.

How to Figure Out if My Dog is in Pain?

Besides the constant whining and barking sounds look out for a decrease in appetite or slight depressive behavior. Has your family friendly acting dog turned into a snapping unfriendly dog with the lightest touch? If an accident or anything related happened at the moment, your dog's heartbeat will increase drastically and his blood pressure with it. A result is sped up breathing. Apart of all of this. You still know your little furry friend best and be probably able to sense it when an acute behavioral change occurs.

Maybe your dog or little puppy is, normally, super active and loves the interactive playtime but suddenly avoids it at all costs due to its pain.

What might be a possible Cause of Pain?

As you certainly know sometimes dog or pet’s pain is not immediately detectable depending on the root of pain, of course. On the other hand, if a dog accidentally breaks its limb or had an acute surgery, the cause of pain is much easier to make out.

If your dog has already reached an age that, by all means, is where he can be called a senior, then a probable cause could be osteoarthritis and degenerative myelopathy which affects the spinal cords and is, when left untreated, very painful.

Another cause could be canine hip dysplasia (arthritis) or intervertebral discs (IDD) “bulging disc”, which seems to be very common in breeds like Shih Tzus or Dachshund.

Maybe you fed chicken bones to your dog against your better known and your dog has not chewed them thoroughly resulting in stomach virus or infection.

As humans suffer under different forms of cancer, dogs, unfortunately, are not immune to cancer too! Stomach pain in most horrid form is almost inevitable. When treated, pain as a side effect is almost certain.

What Medicine Can I Give My Dog to Ease His Pain?

As a carrying dog owner you do not want to see your dog suffer and in the heat of the moment, your best bet is the immediate reach to the next best-presented painkiller you might be having in your closet. Still, as already mentioned in the introduction of the article, I urge you to resist the temptation. As not knowing what causes the pain entirely, by giving the wrong medicine or dosage of pain killer as ibuprofen or any other over the counter medication NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), as naproxen, can lead to death if given in the wrong dosage.

Many people have already experienced the utterly deadly effect of painkillers like ibuprofen leading to kidney failure first and if not treated immediately, to death. So, I urge you to avoid any kind of deadly side effects by giving the wrong medicine or right medicine but the wrong dosage to better seek the advice of a vet to ensure the future health of your furry friend.

How About Homeopathic or Herbal Remedies?

You may have heard or read somewhere that many dogs or pet owners have had or having great success with herbal remedies and for sure are much safer as any over the counter drug. Even though a scientific proof to back up the theory entirely still lacks its existence. On the other hand, a study has tested the efficiency of the herbal remedy called glucosamine/chondroitin sulfate. They tested thirty-five dogs suffering from osteoarthritis treating them with the mentioned combination of glucosamine hydrochloride and chondroitin sulfate (Glu/CS) over a time period of 98 days. Participating vets recorded their evaluations and findings coming to the conclusion that all treated dogs improved their ease of pain. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16647870

Still, not all vets are convinced of their true success and remain skeptical.

For that and other continuing reasons, not all pet insurances cover that kind of remedies. In case you still do not have a pet insurance but are more likely to change that, make sure that your pet insurance does cover that part as well, taking in account you like the idea of a homeopathic rather than the pharmaceutical remedy.

If you like the idea of alternative care, why not trying acupuncture, especially if your dog is quite resistant to the normal medicine. Some vets are specialized in that field and happily create a plan to your likeness.

Acupuncture to its short form treats inflammation and helps the circulation of blood and relaxation of muscles with inserting needles at specific spots where nerves and vessels meet each other.

If your dog suffers from joint pain due to overweight and daily run around the park trips seems to be more a chore than an actual merit, start with some hydrotherapy. Many dog owners swear on the positive results because the warm water helps to reduce the swolleness in the dog’s joints and enhance the blood circulation.

Another well-proven to ease the pain is laser therapy as you can assure yourself by watching the video. It can help to ease any kind of pain like:

  • Arthritis
  • Traumatic injury like bone fracture
  • Damaged nerves

As I mentioned already these are all alternative remedies that have shown success and are a great alternative to pharmaceutical medicine.

Some of the remedies come with a hefty price tag, also one of the reasons why they are not covered by many pet insurances. So, again, if you are open to one or the other homeopathic remedy of the above-presented remedies, make sure that your pet insurance covers you up. This is the best way to avoid any negative surprise in an emergency.

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The best way to find out if your dog is under acute pain is by observing him. The more he whines the higher the chances that he might be having pain. You know your dog best, therefore can make it out if any sudden changes occured.

Do not go for the next painkiller you might be having in the house. The result could be devastating for your dog.

I recommend to get a pet insurance as soon as possible that covers all pain treatment possibilities mentioned in this article. This way you ensure yourself that for whatever treatment you want to go for is covered to its fullest.

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