Top 65 Cat Blogs and their Bloggers Which Strive For the Best in Cats 2017

This is  a list of the "Top 65 Cat Bloggers and their Blogs Helping You Become a Better Cat Owner". Either as cat food experts who know what is best for your cat or  showing you 'how to ease your cat's life'. Whether you are a merit owner of a cat or just a lover of cats in general, I highly recommend you visit the presented cats’ websites (blogs) below. This list will tell you where to look for the best cat’s food currently available or whatever else might help to become an even better cat owner in 2017.

We know (or sometimes think to know what is best for our cats). Still, are we really aware of all the ingredients stacked in the food we give our cats?

Do you know if all the ingredients that you feed your cat(s) are actually 100% beneficial?

Either you feed your cat canned or kibble food there is still a difference in quality of all different foods even though they are manufactured toward your cat.

The following list will help you to find experts in the field who have either tested the different foods or actually manufactured it. They show and explain in great details the best ingredients different cat foods have.

What about how to provide the best life, accessories, way to groom a pet or actually just connect with other cat lovers in general?

There are so many different aspects and take ons to enhance the life of your new or already seasoned furry four legged best friend. You want and strive only for the best in him or her. I help you to find all that and even more. All you have to do is click the website's name under each website picture and it will lead you to the cat website in a new window, where you can start digging for gems and new inspirations! Have fun digging!  

PS: The Websites are not in a particular order!

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  blogger: ingrid king

Ingrid King is an award winning book writer whose love for cats comes genuinely through on every page of her website. She is the owner of two tortoiseshell cats herself. She updated her best natural cat food page just recently, to alert readers what the best cat food needs to contain in order to pass the natural and beneficiary food ingredients to make up for a well-balanced cat diet. If you want to feed your four legged friend only the best, than I recommend you to visit her site and let her inspire you.

2. i have cat
 blogger: Tamar Aslanian

Tamar’s love for cats developed while in a relationship in her 30’s. While her relationship to her two-legged boyfriend came to an unfortunate end, her love to the four-legged furry feline continued to grow and the website as such related to Sex and the Kitty became a cat diary where she shares her life experiences with the cat in the great city New York. If you’re a cat lover as much as Tamar, than I highly recommend you to visit her site and let Tamar inspire you with a great variety of her experiences and tips she does not only share on her website, as much more in her book you can buy through the website too.

3. natural cat care blog
 blogger: Liz eastwood

Liz EAstwood with Joel (cat)

Liz Eastwood strives for the best possible way to help cat’s owner up to date with applicable ways to ensure your cat’s health. Her passion for cats comes through right from the start when you visit her blog.

Her educational nutritionist background helps a lot to help cat’s owner to ask different questions about certain foods and their beneficial contribution to a cat’s diet.

 If you are uncertain if the one or other food you have been feeding your cat and would like to know if it might be a good idea to keep on feeding it to your cat, I recommend you to visit her blog and contact her.

Her main focus is on how cat food may affect cancer or diabetes. Her list on different cat foods helps to lower the risk as much as possible to help cats live a, hopeful, long merit cat’s life.

 blogger: Jenny Dean

Jenny  Dean's passion for cats, especially, ragdolls  goes way back when she was tender 8 years old and her aunt brought the first ragdoll cat into her family. The passion , love, and compassion for that special breed never stopped and she is now as an adult a proud owner of her own ragdoll cats . You can see her with Rags in the picture. 

Rags is the reason why Jenny started her website, unfortunately, he died in 2009, 19.5 years old.  Her parents gave her and her siblings Rags and his half-brother Cosby for Christmas in 1989 (still kittens).

She still kept on his legacy by continuing this website to connect ,share, and inspire other  (Ragdoll) cat lovers . Therefore as you can see does she not only have a passion for her ragdoll cats as much more for other  ragdoll cats' owner she would love to interact in every way possible. 

So, if you happen to have a ragdoll kitten or cat why not share your passion for your kitten with Jenny and visit her on her website and get in contact with her.

The goal of is to be a central location, sort of like a Google™ for “Ragdoll people”, so Jenny.

If you have a new Ragdoll kitten, I’d love for you to share them with us as Ragdoll Kitten of the Month. If you have a Ragdoll cat, I’d love for you to share them with us as Ragdoll of the Week. Thanks for stopping by!

Besides love, passion and compassion this is what else you'll find on Jenny's blog. 

  • Cat photos — want to see a Ragdoll kitty flopped in a sink or shoebox?
  • Cat health and nutrition tips and interviews with veterinarians
  • Ragdoll breed specific information — colors, markings, vocalizations, behaviors etc.
  • Ragdoll kitten adoption and breeder information
  • Ragdoll adult rescues and adoption — always consider adopting an older cat!
  • Cat behavior — answering all the questions why your Ragdoll cat acts the way they do

PS: If you're also interested in a self-cleaning cat litter box, I want to invite you to visit her review video she did on youtube by clicking this link here. Oh, and don't forget to give her a thumb up, if you liked the video! 

5.glogirly tails of two funny cats & their girl 
 blogger: Debbie Glovatsky

Glogirly is the witty mastermind behind the curtain of the award-winning cat blog featuring her cats Katie and Waffles. On her site you will find uplifting and funny cat stories that will make you coming back to her site over and over again. Debbie Glovatsky, made it her effortless mission to help homeless and abused cats to find a home where love is more than a word. In work with cat organizations, she has already raised over $40,000 to feed helpless and needed cats. This fact alone is worth not only praise but support too! Debbie also won more than 50 awards as a skilled designer, photographer, blogger, and as a stunning social media wizard.

6. a tonk's tale 
 blogger: Lisa Richman

What will you find on Lisa’s blog? Lots of pictures about her three cats (Farady, a mink Tonkinese, Maxwell, a Siamese male and a rescued cat named Alexandria. Lisa has not only opened her home for a rescued cat as much more; she strongly advocates rescue groups and hopes to find a medium with this website to educate and make aware that a lot of cats, still, need a loving and caring home. Aside her diligent cat’s rescue work, she also shares reviews of cats accessories she thinks are worthy to enrich your cat’s life. Additionally, you can find pictures of her and her cats with humorous dialogues you can surely connect with. So, visit her site and see for yourself.

7. Little Big cat
 blogger: Jean Hofve

If a blog has more than a hundred articles about health and nutrition, there is no question that it is a no brainer to be on this list. The owner of the blog Jean Hofve is a veterinarian by profession.

Therefore, her profound knowledge about animals and cats in particular is given. She also states that the food reviews on her blog might be fantastic and well suit for one cat but hasn’t the same effect on another cat. She states clearly that she is not very fond of the idea to present food as good or bad for cats because one food that does very well for one cat might upset another cat’s stomach.

She strongly recommends to vary cat’s food because when feeding a cat the same food day in and day out can result in different intolerances and serious deficiencies as of allergies and in worst case scenario and due to lack of sufficient thiamine to death. 

For further in depth questions you might have, I recommend you to visit her site and go through the diverse variety of articles and other helpful tips presented on her website. Even though she is a veterinarian herself, she cannot give any personal advice for individual cats and recommends you to consult your veterinarian.

If you like and enjoy the information of the above website I also want to recommend you to visit her other website which you can see below. 


1986 Dusty’s life turned out to be a life event changer. Why? A neighbor had moved to another place leaving a pregnant tabby cat behind in the snow. Dusty became an accidental midwife and gave the little pregnant tabby a new home. This event changed her view and heart to cats so drastically, that she started actively to do whatever necessary to help find new homes for cats and cat kittens alike. To this day she has helped over 800 orphan kitties to bottle fed and rehomed over 700 adults and weaned kittens.While keeping on doing this with an undying passion and compassion, she also makes aware of the issue as an editor-in-chief at 'Adopt a Shelter', which is an online shop that donates to animal charities. Her gained knowledge about the little furry feline and how to raise them properly, she wrote down in two published well acclaimed books: "Kittens for Dummies" and “Cat Wrangling Made Easy: Maintaining Peace & Sanity in your Multi-Cat Home”.If you want to get the author's different stories, product reviews and other in depth details about cats, I invite you to visit her website. 

9. amy shojai's bling, bitches & blood 
 blogger: Amy Shojai's 

Amy calls Texas her home where she successfully honed her skills for all things bling. Her undying love for pets in general led her to a certified consultant for dogs and pets to advice people on how to treat their pets the best way possible. Along the consultant track she also published 30 award-winning books on pets created another website called ''', where she gave valuable expert advice on how to raise a puppy. To top all that, she also featured her profound knowledge in many publications as “The Wall Street Journal”, "New York Times", and "Reader’s Digest". As this is not astonishing enough already, she also finds time to be a musician, a playwright, and an actress!

10.  All Things Feline and Magical
 blogger: Layla Morgan Wilde

Are you already enlighten when it comes to cats?


Well, it is time for you to change that and visit Layla Morgan Wilde’s website to enlighten you with a vast diverse and holistic approach of different cat’s stories and cat accessories to buy to become a cat enlightener on your way of eternal cat knowledge. There is not only one way to reach the goal of cat knowledge, but Layla Morgan Wilde’s cat site is one that will help you to reach your goal!

Who is Layla Morgan Wilde?

Layla Morgan Wilde created her cat website in 2011. She has also  created "The Annex Cat Rescue, a non-profit in 1997. She is a passionate advocate for less adoptable cats, especially black cats. She started to raise awareness by creating a calendar book having specifically black cats photographies as well her a non-profit black cat initiative: Cat Tell All: True Tales and Images. 

She is also a professional member and elected council member of the CWA (Cat Writer's Association). EVen though she was born in Canada, she decided to follow her heart and immigrated to the United States where she calls her antique farmhouse in north of New York City with an illustrious sortiment of cats she loves to spoil and treat like they were her own kids.  

11. Sparkle Cat

Do you love cats?

Do you love books?

Well, it is time for you to visit Sparkle Cat’s website. Here you will find something to quench both of your passions united in one. SparkleCat made it their mission to help you to find the purrfect way to enjoy and let you get lost in different books tailored toward cats. I highly recommend you to take a dive into their website and let them inspire you and your love for the furry four legged feline. 

12. cat blogosphere 
 blogger: Robyn Horton

Robyn Horton's started the blog in 2006 as she  as she started posts of her cat Sanjee. Today "Cat Blogosphere" mainly remembers other cat owners and friends who have tragically lost their earthly lives, or offer a forum for cat owners who are in need of sharing a prayer or positive thought for their little furry feline in dire straits.  

So, if your cat is facing dire straits and you want other pet owners sharing prayers and help you with positive thoughts, than this is the blog where you can post your request. 

As well you can share a link to a shop or products you want to sell (cat products, of course). 

So, if you want to become a part of a great cats' owner community where you can start to get other passionate and compassionate cat owners, I recommend you to jump over to and get involved. 

13. live with CATs

Why is life with a cat so much more fun?

You can find the answer to that question by hopping over to the life with a cat website. The immense and great variety of different heartwarming stories, entertainment and whatever else related to cats in general is found on the website. I highly recommend you to check out the website and find many gold nuggets the site has in store.

All started back in 2011 the year when Life with dogs made their debut on the World Wide Web. Life with a cat is the logical counter answer to find thought provoking and a great vast diversified entertaining mix tailored toward cats. As a cat lover you will fall in love with all the different cat candy-like sections like:

Tips for how to maintain a cat healthy

Inspirational cat videos

Sharing inspiring cat stories by different cat owners who contributed to the website. If you love cats and want to get inspired by other cat lovers, I highly recommend you to check out the website!

14. cat chat with caren and cody
 blogger: Caren Gittleman

Caren loves to play with words as much as she loves to play with her four legged friend Cody. Prior to start as a professional blogger, she used to enrich Ohio’s largest newspaper ‘The Plain Dealer’ with her versatile ads. Nowadays she kept faithfully to her skill as a freelance writer. With her four legged friend Cody by her side (after her first four legged feline friend Bob has crossed the earthly bridge), started this very website with the determination to create an online place for other cat lovers to inspire and encourage them, as well sharing her best product and accessory founds that will enhance the life of your four legged furry friend. Needless to mention that as a skilled freelance writer she loves to read and shares her view on books she loved to read and recommends reading.  

If you love reading and looking for something you want to enhance the life of your cat I invite you to visit Caren’s blog and let her inspire you.

15. feline behavior solutions 
  blogger: Dr. MArci Koski

The creator of this website Dr.Marci Koski made her passion for animals her daily trade as a Biologist for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service where she works since 2006. Her heart does not only beat for the underwater sea creatures  for the four legged felines too. She certified as a Feline Training and Behaviorist. Her primary goal for her website is to help and prevent cats from abandonment and keep them not only off the streets but to find an adequate home for them too. Dr. Marci Koski reckons in a decreased number of cats and kittens in shelters if their guardians better understand what their cats is driving them to despised behavior and teaches them to more owner oriented behavior. This is why she has started the Feline 'Behavior Solution Center'. What she does exactly, she explains in her video (left). Her passion and drive nominated Marci as a finalist in the Pet Industry Network's Woman of the Year Award.

16. buffy the cat legend 
  blogger: Paul Smulson

Paul is the website creator and author of the written articles you can find on the site. He confesses that he was not always pro cats. His passion for cats started when his family adopted two kittens from a neighbor which triggered the inner passion. Like the website already states the cat's name of his own cat is Buffy turned more and more out to become a kind of Hollywood twisted website due to the many different pictures he shares with him and Buffy in the most illustrious poses. Many readers are amazed about Buffy's personality, because they say that their cat would probably "never do that!" Besides the many funny and unique pictures, you can find book reviews, videos, and addresses where to adopt your cat or kitten that is on a lookout for a cat love. So, if you are interested in one or the other trait mentioned, than I recommend you to visit his site and share your experiences you already had with your cat on Paul's website. 

17. katzenworld
  bloggers: MArc-andre


What has Tinkerbell to do with cats?

Do you think your relationship you have with your cat is normal?

How many calories are you supposed to feed your cat?

Questions you can find answers for on Katzenworld, where the cat lovers Marc-Andre, Iain, Laura, Lisa, Carol, Charlotte, Karen, Alice,  and Mollie, professional bloggers and freelance writers around the globe, who love cats as much as you do, give an answer.

Even more, if you still looking for the right present or cat accessory, let the site inspire you by many different reviews they recommend you to enrich your feline’s life. If you also love the interaction by sharing your personal cat story or even stories? You will love their cat’s forum. There you can find answers or can answer questions if you know the answer and help another cat’s peer. Just hop over and dive into the Katzenworld.









 18. Purrington post

  • Have you ever wondered how the world looks like through the eyes of a cat?
  • Did you know what you actually feed your cat when you buy either kibble or canned food for your cat?
  • These and so many more questions and interesting facts you can find answers for on the ‘Purrington Post’website. But not only fun facts find an answer, as much more you will find so many great ideas of how to become an even better cat owner by the vast helping section of how to improve your cats’life section alongside different ideas you might want to purchase to enhance a cat’s life.
  • Purrington Post can pet themselves on their shoulder by having created a website who was one of the best cat sites in 2016. I think this alone makes it worth a visit and let them inspire you to indulge youself with the diverse topics the site has to offer!
  • 19. the rescued cat 
      blogger: DAWN WHITE 

    On Lola the rescued cat you get educated and entertained at the same time with inspiring cat stories. The site’s name is also the name of the pictured cat above (Lola). A kitten found in a New Yorker dumpster who survived thankfully due to the love of the cat’s owner Dawn  White. She gave this little feline a new home. So, if you are not only interested in Lola’s story but stories about rescued cats in general I urge you to visit her site and expand your cat knowledge horizon a little more. Even though if you are still on a lookout for a great cat accessory or anything related do not miss the product review section where you might find a detailed recommendation for great cat accessories you didn't know you need to make your furry four legged feline this little happier! 😉

    20. One drawing daily
     blogger: Thomas Coulson 

    In September 2014 Thomas has challenged himself to do one drawing every day for one year to hone his skills. The idea was also the birth of the website of On his Facebook site which you can find under the same name he offers free drawings of your cat(s).

    Do you love your cat?

    Maybe you were already thinking about a drawing about yourself with your cat or cats in in your arm?

    How about a cat portrait only of your cat? However, if you want to have a long-lasting remembrance of your cat then why don’t you go to visit and get in contact with the owner of the site and tell him that you would love to have him draw your cat(s).

    21. cat vs human
     blogger: yasmine

    In 2011 Yasmine decided to offer her drawings on a website for everyone to read and enjoy. The website sticks out with their great diversity of colors. So do yourself a favor and hop over to her website to dig into the world of a cat and her daily adventures captured in comics. You will not regret it!  

    22. cat lovers only 
     blogger: kurt schmitt

    Kurt Schmitt is not only a certified Computer technician, as far more a cat lover and author of his cat book "The Cat Rescue Diaries". His website is all about cats (what else!) Here you can talk with other cat lovers about everything that you want to share with your cat peers and discuss all different cat related topics. Aside that you can find reviews about different cat products and accessories that might help or enhance the life of your four-legged friend. So, what are you waiting for?

    Jump over to "Cat Lovers Only".


    23. catastrophes
     bloggers: Michael Gabriele, Alana Grelyak, Kris Flanagan, 
    Sara Wolfson, Randall Tockes, Steven Vandeven, Theodore Hahn, 

    The Creators of the website made it their mission to find a new home for as many homeless or rescued cats as possible. To do so, they thought of how to approach this delicate topic in an out of the box manner. So, they started to make unusual videos toward that topic. To see how that looks like I want you to visit the site and find out yourself.

    24. green little cat 
     blogger: Holly Tse

    Holly Tse is a Green Cat Expert. She is a lifelong hair loss environmentalist, who draws her inspiration from her 8 year old cat, Furball.  Furball has been living an eco-friendly lifestyle since he was adopted as a kitten from the Humane Society.  He eats natural food, uses organic wheatgrass cat litter and plays with toys made from recycled material. Therefore it is natural to understand the idea of this website. She loves to live and breath an eco-friendly lifestyle in all facets of life and convey that to the cats' world too!

    Little Cat is all about green. If you want to feed your cat only eco-friendly food this is the site to go to and find out more what to feed your cat that only has the best natural and healthy food ingredients possible to help your cat to maintain healthy as long as possible. Aside the best healthy food you will also find a great variety of toys that are eco-friendly proofed. So, if your are sometimes hesitant to buy any form of accessories because you are as well a health and eco oriented person and do not agree with the one or other accessory because it is solemnly made of non-eco-friendly material, then this is your site where you can read reviews of cats’ toys that carry the eco-friendly seal. So, what are you waiting for? Hop over to Green Little Cat and start going green too.

    25. Cat box press 
     blogger barbara cat stone

    B.Cat Stone (Barbara) calls the state of New York her home of origin. Currently she lives in the Southwestern United States where she steadfastly accomplished the founding of a not-for-profit, no kill animal shelter ARCH. Her undying passion and compassion for the animals helped thousands of them to find new loving and caring homes. Aside of that she is also an award winning author and a member of the Cat Writer's Association. 

    If you are interested of why and how she gained the award, I want you to visit her site where she has presented her book and where you can buy the book titled: "The Cat in the Music Box: A Message for  Pet Heaven". Barbara made it her life mission to create a comfortable positive interactive way of life between owners and their pet. Barbara loves the smell of nature. That is why he chose to live in a small town with an breathtaking view over the mountain sharing her little house with her furry feline she gives her unconditional love. 

    26. Scratchings & SNIFFINGS
     blogger: Yvonne DiVita

    Yvonne, a former veterinarian assistant loves all animals but has a pounding heart for cats and dogs which, gave the idea o her website "Scratchings and Sniffings", where she made it her main goal to connect with other passionate pet lovers. She loves and encourage other cat and dogs' owners alike to share their personal pet stories in video or pictures. 

    The website also includes a vast of mixes of news from the pet world with a splash of fun. 

    Aside this website she has another website she runs with Tom Collins named BlogPaws. 

    27. Playful Kitty
     blogger: Robin Mudge

     Playful Kitty is a blog by Robin who adopted her first cat back in 2004 and named her Obi-Wan. Not knowing that the cat was cursed to die because of a virus he carried all along, so the unfortunate loss was inevitable and she and her husband Dave had to let Obi-Wan go in February 2005. From that moment forward she made it her mission to find everything out about cats. Her passion for cats and creative work led her to the creation of the website where she shares her sincere love for cats and  other peers. From Health related issues, questions, and interaction to reviews, funny pictures she has covered them all and is more than happy to interact with other cat lovers. Still on the lookout for a nice little cat toy or anything that might either ease your living with a cat or want to know what canned food might be suited best for your little feline? Playful Kitty has covered you! I invite you to take a peek on her website and let her inspire you.

    28. the swiss cats
     blogger: claire bertolni

    You can read the website in four different languages as of French, German, English, and Italian. Claire is the secretary and technical person of the blog and makes certain everything runs smooth and well-groomed on the Swiss cat’s blog. Along the life of her cats, you can help her mission to rescue as many cats from the despairs of live by donating on her site. She also helps you with her cat’s product and accessories reviews to make sure that the next anticipated cat toy will be as satisfactory as possible to maintain a lasting pet toy for your four legs feline.

    29. three chatty cats
     blogger: Rachel

    Rachel is the blogger behind "Three Chatty Cats". Her undying love, passion, and compassion for her three cats Dexter, Olive, and Sophie inspired her to create the website. So, if you want to get to know the creator and her cats better I invite you to visit her blog and start exchanging cat experiences, tips, tricks and fun with her. Alongside her cats she is very much involved in rescue cats in every way possible. If you share her passion as much as she does, hop over to her site and ask her how you can get involved with your helping hand to provide more shelters for a cat in need.

    30. the cat on my head 
     blogger: Janet Buickerood Blue

    Janet (a former dog lover and owner) discovered her passion and compassion for cats and is a now a mama of eight felines that keeps her busy in her over 100 year’s old house. With a B.A. in English and her love juggling words till they form publishable poetry she loves to share many of them on her website too as well contributed and edited to the textbook “Sky Hooks and Grasshopper Traps” as well the textbook, “Finding the Spark”.  She also has published work on her local magazine and regional business journal. With the rise of internet blogging, she decided to hop on the wave and uses the tool to blog about everything cats’ related. If you want to get to know Janet and her crazy living with her pets, I want to invite you to visit her blog and start interacting with your ideas or stories.

     blogger: PAT KEINKE

    Pat Kleinke and her nag for writing sparked the idea of this website. Where?  Of course, the main character focused individual is Keisha a black-white cat with a rough purrsonality. Pat rescued Keisha who was born and raised in the streets until “arrested” and brought to a local shelter. 2006 was a big day for Keisha, because Pat fell in love with Keisha and provided a new shelter. Since living in the streets of a big city is often hard and rough, Keisha never had a proper nutrition or interactive play with people. Therefore adapting to her new home and calm down an aggressive spirit took a while. Today she is a real character and her blog is a place where you will find entertainment and humor but at the same time serious topics when the topic calls for like rescue and help other cats in need.

    32. the island cats 
     blogger: Sue Doute

    Three different colored cats named Wally, Ernie, and Zoey are the stars on “The Island Cats” website. The name of the website is due to the fact that the cats and Sue Doute (the creator of the website) live on the beautiful island in Grosse Ile, Michigan. There the cats are spoiled with a lot of space to explore trees, birds or whatever might show up through big glass windows. Since 2008 has been blogging and established herself a loyal following readers who share her passion for cats as much as she does not only on her website but at the same time on social media channels too. If you love interaction and share your passion for cats as Sue, I recommend you to not hesitate and visit her website to do so.

    33. rascal and rocco
     blogger: l.e. mastilock

    Rascal and Rocco are brothers adopted from a shelter. L.E. Mastilock, her husband and their two children went to a shelter to actually adopt kittens and spoil them with love, passion and compassion. But when they saw the three year olds cats sitting in the shelter’s carrier their heart started melting and their determination bringing and caring for kittens was thrown overboard. Lucky for Rascal and Rocco, because they have been living a purrfect cats’ life in the warmth and love of L. E. ever since. L.E. loves their cats so much that she decided to share the adventures and everything related on this website. If you want to get to know the cats and their crazy life story(ies) like eating habits or their weird sleeping places I invite you to visit the website.

    34. the catnip times 
     blogger: Lauren Mieli

    Enter your text here...

    Cats awareness is the main feature on Lauren Mieli's website and the purrfect blog for other cats owners who want to gain knowledge about their cat's behavior, health, care and related topics. 

    Is the cat food you feed your little feline the  right one in all holistic and health advised diet form? 

    Some foods might be the reason for high risk disease that might lead to serious health problems and end up in high vet bills. Mieli shines  light on such foods and helps you with other and better food choices. 

    So, if you want to become an even better cat owner, I recommend you to visit her website and reward yourself with reading a great variety of well researched and documented articles about anything cats related. 

      blogger: MELISSA LAPIERRRE

    Melissa’s motto is “Books feed my mind. Cats feed my soul. For the past 30 years Melissa has kept herself surrounded with books in one corner and cats in the other corner. She unifies these two passions on her website.

    Mudpie and Truffles are the stars on her website. While Melissa started her website ventures in 2011 as a book blog, Truffles predecessor Tara inspired her to persue her cat blogging aspirations to combine her two passions in life. You can call Mellissa’s blog a book blog with a strong book centric twist, or a pet blog with literary flair!

    Her favorite genres to read and review are cozy mysterious, paranormal (withche and ghosts), animal-themed books (especially cats!) and Christmas stories.

    She is also open to have people review their favorite book(s) on her website. So, if you like to do a review about a book, ask her if she is interested in puplish it on her website.

    Besides her two passions (cats and books) she is also very passionate about resue animals from all despairs of life and enjoys to visit NASCAR races.

    If you enjoy the cozy way of life as much as Melissa does, then I highly recommend you to visit her website and start digging for some real gems finding on her website.

    36. the pet blog lady
     blogger: Lisa taron

    Lisa Taron is a professional pet blogger who calls Canada her home and loves to share her love and passion with other pet lovers.

    She has been blogging since 2006 and shares articles, product reviews, reader contests, giveaways and more. She loves to help and support rescue groups for animals in general.

    Besides her constant blogging ventures she loves to help promote aspiring pet-lovers by letting them publish their product reviews she sees as a good fit on her site. So, if you love pets as much as Lisa does and would like to have a product review shared on her site do not hesitate to visit her website and offer her your review.

    36. kittycyclysm
     blogger: Lisa taron

    It is Elise’s obsession with cats that had given her the idea to create the website (blog). On her website you will find everything that has anything to do with cats. Either you want to figure out how to get yourself and your cat(s) half- decent before a camera to shoot a decent selfie, or you want to know about the interesting cat products that might be worth a purchase. Whatever it is, Elsie has you covered. If you want to find out more about Elsie and her daily adventures with her cat Avery, I invite you to visit her website. Since she is (according to her words), so obsessed with cats, she is continuously blogging on her site and will definitely answer you if you leave a comment on her blog. 

    38. 7th heaven orientals 
     blogger: mava marrows 

    The 7th Heaven Orientals cat blog is so much more than a normal cat blog. Marva Marrow’s cats blog is foremost a blog where you can read about her passions for cats. According to her own words; she was born with an undying passion for them and at the age of ten had her first tortoiseshell cat named Dumpling.

    Her beauty let her win many rosettes and a big trophy as the “Best Household Cat”.Later on in life Marva’s sister’s boyfriend bought her a Siamese cat as a present which she fell in love with.Over the years she became more and more professionally involved with cats and animals in general.So, she created the awards winning website where she and her team of 40 expert trainers, behaviorists and veterinarians helped pet owners answering questions they had toward their pets

    .As follow up she formed a feline consulting business, The Kitty Kouch, offering cat parents solutions to their problems. Certified as a Cat Behavior Consultant she also worked as an Editor of the Cat Fanciers Association Mentoring Program and Editor of the CFA Ambassador Program.To top all that she is also a famous musician as you can listen to some of her written songs on her blog. 

    39. simon's cat
     blogger: simon tofield

    simon has a cat on his shoulder

    Have you ever wondered where cats love to sleep?

    If so, I invite you to visit Simon’s Cat Logic website where he with his wits and humorous drawing skills shows you the most unusual places you can find your cat sleeping. But, of course, you will not only find an answer to the question where your cat sleeps. Even more will you find yourself in a website world full of articles about anything cat related, book tips and cat accessory reviews that might be of interest to you and how you as a cat lover can get involved in charity for cats too. If you love to laugh, I highly recommend you to watch the Simon youtube animation movies on the website!

    40. deziz world
     blogger: Aura High

    Do you speak catlish? No?

    Well, I guess it is time to learn your cat’s language. To do so you have to visit deziz world where you will find a cat dictionary to look up all kinds of cat oriented words or phrases to start better communicating with your four legged friend.

    41. the creative cat 
      blogger: bernadette kazmarski

    Bernadette is a well of creativity. This is why she has won several professional awards for her articles and her art and photos presented on her website she started back in 2009. With her wit and nag for creativity as a fine and commercial artist she juggles words into amusing place to fill up her website with cat related stories on feline, pet, health and welfare, pet loss, backyard wildlife, habitats, cats for adoption and stories of sensational cat's rescues. She lives a cat style live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where she with her undying passion and compassion voluntarily works at a TNR/rescue organization to help and support in the clinic medical department. As well does she provide shelter and fosters ill, geriatric and feral cats needing socialization. Bernadette says that life with rescued kittens and cats can be warm-heartened at one day and heartbreaking the next day. Sharing her moments of either one or the other she does on her website as a kind of reflection and reminder, not only for herself but for other cat owners and lovers to encourage them to start open their homes for rescued kittens and cats who need a new home where a passionate and compassionate hearted cat lover is waiting for them. If you feel the urgency of support in your heart, I want to invite you to visit the site and support Bernadette in her mission in every way possible.

    42. mousebreath
     blogger: Karen Nichols

    MouseBreath is an award-winning magazine for everything cat lovers could possibly desire. Ranging from entertainment, humor, cat art and crafting, meditation and much more, this meow-gazine is definitely bound to catch the reader’s eye. Max Thompson, Feline Life Coach, also known as the Psycho kitty, has his own column on Mouse Breath; and until now, the first and only kitty with an archive such as this one. Sarcastic, funny, and incorporating some mushy feline talk, Max answers all of the questions other cats struggle to answer. Whether they desire a manipulative answer on a method to have their litter box cleaned swiftly or how to get holiday presents. This kitty has it covered.

    You want to keep yourself up-to-date with the newest cat rumors, entertainment, humor, cat art and other related cats topics? The award-winning magazine “Mouse Breath” is your site to go! Dive into  an unbelievable diverse array of eye catching stories. Even Max Thompson, Feline Life Coach also well known as the Psycho kitty has his own kitty archive which promises hours and hours of fresh, funny, sarcastic and trendy cats’ talk. No cats’ topic is too hot for him to answer. From “How to manipulate a cat’s owner to get whatever he//she desires”, to “Better give a dog his/her treat before he/she eats the cat!”

    Still on the lookout for a purrfect present for your cat’s upcoming birthday or something you want to buy for your furry feline? Mouse breath has you covered there too! Get inspired by the great variety of features on the website and hop over to! bangs paws for reflection
     blogger: bj bangs

    Paws for Reflection is a way for BJ to share her love for cats. She hopes to share that love writing about many of the issues that affect cats around the world. "I write to save cats' lives" , she says, raising the awareness that only 30% of kittens hold in shelters find a loving and caring home. Cats truly are her BFFs and there is nothing better than snuggling up in front of a wood stove with five of her best feline friends. Her blog is a way for her to share her thoughts on anything that impacts cats. Those thoughts come from rescue, state and local legislation, to travel, humor and stories of pet heroes. She mixes her real-life experiences with hard-proven facts in hopes of bringing her readers a unique point of view.

    44. there's a cat in the fridge 
      blogger: Alena Greylak 

    What might be the first place to look when you can't find your cat?

    Of course, in the fridge! 

    Maybe that was how Alena Greylak, the founder of the website, came up with the idea of the website's name?

    Whatever the idea behind the foundation, the outcome and what the site represents is what counts. Alena created and dedicated her website as a monument for Crepes, a special-needs cat ,"The Cat in the Fridge". Crepes, first fostered and then adopted from Tree House Humane in Chicago, which is a shelter that advocates for both, normal and special-needs cats. Crepes main character traits is doing good deeds for other cats and loves to play and enjoy life to the fullest. 

    Alena born with a notorious pet love syndrome lives currently in Chicago where she uses her other passions beside rescuing cats from all despairs of life. She pursues music (Master's Degree) and writing. She is the editor in chief of "The Cat in the Fridge". This site is a platform she uses to help and advocate the finding of as many loving and caring new homes for special kittens as possible. If you feel the urgency to support Alena in her mission, I invite you to visit her site. 

    45. cat's pajamas
     blogger: Janet Wormitt

    Janet is a Certified Feline Master Groomer and Animal Reiki Level II trainer. She has her own Cat's Pajamas Feline Grooming Studio in her hometown Ottawa, Canada. The idea open the studio came when she taught pet grooming in the Middle East. She realized that cats in North America are much more neglected and dirty as cats in the Middle East. The studio is perfectly feline equipped. Once a month she donates her services to Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue. 

    On her website you will not only find business related features, as much more learn how to groom a cat most accurately. Please feel free to see what else she has to offer and go visit her website. 

    46. cattipper
     bloggers: Paris Permenter & John Bigley

    Writing and cats are the passions Paris and her husband John share and pursue on her website cattipper. Till 2008 they exclusively wrote for business and travel but traded it for her passion to pets. They share their home with three cats named Lucky, Inca, and Ochi and two dogs named Tiki and Irie. Their mission and passion her websites focuses on is cat rescue throughout the United States in hope to find as many loving open minded cat lovers willing to open their homes to cats in need. If you want to support their undying passion, please, visit their website and get in contact with Paris and John. 

    47. following cats 
     blogger:  Tina Barbour

    Tina's love for cats has started later in live. But with the realization of how much more joy and happiness cats can bring into a human's life, she now is a passionate owner and mama of three furry felines named Abey, Natasha, and Conno enjoying life in Altavista, Verginia with her husband.

    Aside her passion for cats she loves to play with words in all its diversity on her blog, where she shares her cats' stories, as well her interaction with people on social media. If you want to be a part of her social media culture and share your cat stories with Tina, I am convinced she will be delighted to welcome you with open hands! 

    48. cat lady in the canyon
     blogger: Pamela Knudsen 

    More than just a touch of nature brought Pamela to the "Canyon" at Laguna Beach back in 2004. Here she enjoys the feeling of freshness and freedom in its perfect harmony with mother nature. "It feeds my soul", so Pamela in her own words. Her undying passion and compassion for pets, especially cats, name tagged her the "crazy" cat lady! She either adopted rescue cats or rescued her cats herself. As well does she volunteer at "The Blue Bell Foundation for Cats" , which operates a sanctuary in Laguna Beach. On her website she writes about the adventurous lives of her three felines, past, present and the future. If you want to be a part of it and even start interacting with Pamela sharing your cat stories with her, please, do not hesitate visiting her website and start doing so! 

    49. just for cats pet sitting 
     blogger: Rita Reimers

    Rita remembers that her grandfather Bob Watson gave her first grey tabby kitten when she was tender 7 years old, which she named "Tipsy". Unfortunately, allergy issues made it impossible to keep her. Still, the love and special bonds to cats remained so she started to dress up as a cat every Halloween. Once an adult living in her own four walls, she quenched her cat craving sharing her home with a kitten again. Even more while still working as a computer consultant she started a cat sitting business where people can leave their cats while the cat owners go for a business trip or holidays, because she realized how difficult it is to find a good quality home for her kitten when going on a trip. so, while still juggling her day job at as a computer consultant she continued to run her cat pet sitting business. 10 years later the business took financially off as hoped and today Rita has two successful running cat pet sittings in Beverly Hills and Charlotte, North Carolina. 

    50. reigning cats and dogs 
     blogger: Sandy Robins

    What will you find on Sandy's website?

    It is all about the relationship to our pets! This is what she highlights with new trends and innovative ideas to underline her convictions. In promoting her innovative ideas and undying passion for the furry four legged friends and family members. She uses her writing wits, which brought her already the one or other award winning acknowledgement by having her work published throughout magazines and innovative websites as,, and PawNation, AOL’s petcentric website. She creates bondages and new trends appliable in a surgical manner to blend into the world of cats and dogs alike. She has also written award winning books like: "Fabulous Felines: Health and Beauty Secrets for the Pampered Cat" and "For The Love of Cats". Her latest book, "The Original Cat Bible" is out now.

    Her undying passion for cats set the groundwork for becoming a public speaker for innovative companies as petco and TOYOTA, where she served as a pet safety advisor. You might also know or even followed her on her own radio show Pawsitively Pets Radio, as well as a segment called House Pets on the On The House network which reached a weekly audience of 1.2 million.

    She also uses her well-groomed name to raise money for animal shelters who are in need of it to help to find loving and caring homes for neglected cats, as well fighting for laws that protect animals generally.

    At the end she believes many dogs and cats have lifestyles that mirror their pet parents’ own lives. Nothing is too good for our fur kids. Consequently, the pet industry is a 58 billion dollar business – bigger than toys, candy, and jewelry combined.

    51. covered in cat hair 
     blogger: robin a.f. olson

    The former art director Robin A.F. Olson enjoys her new role as a cat-mummy to nine cats. Due to her passion she founded the non-profit rescue 'Kitten Associates'. Over the last ten years she writes award-winning stories about how she rescues cats from all life despairs. Robin says with a smile or even a little smirk that the purpose of her blog is to act as a warning to others. There is not one cat issue or problem Robin shies away from. Sometimes she even goes beyond cat stories with a little wicked and dark humorous attitude to it. Still, while reading her posts, you feel the deep passion and compassion she has for the furry little feline in every sentence of her posts. I warm- heartedly want to invite you to visit her site and start following her blog posts, especially her April Fool's Day posts!

    52. the cat site
     blogger: Anne Moss 

    • What, you still have not heard or ever visit the cat site yet? I want to encourage you to change that fact and follow other over 100,000 cat lovers and hop over to let them inspire you. What will you find there?
    • Family friendly cat stories, advice to countless purrning questions you might have about your little four legged little feline. You love to laugh? The cat site has you covered too with funny cat pictures. Still looking for the right cat accessory for your cat? No problem. Do you know all facts and myths about black cats? No? Why not wise up your horizon by read the truth and myth buster on their site?
    • On a weekly basis the site holds weekly and monthly events where they want you to get involved to share your personal cat story and receive and get rewarded for

    53. fluffy kitty 
     blogger: Bernadette and paul

    Bernadette, Paul and Yoda create the perfect harmonic triangle. She calls herself a 'çrazy cat lady', but it took a little convincing her sides to adopt a cat to perfect their harmonic triangle since Paul's heart beats more for dogs as for cats. Still not giving up on Bernadettes dream to own a cat on her own Paul agreed on adopting a cat after Bernadette lived a year in France (Paul's home country). Once back home in the States, Bernadette visited her sister in Johnson City, TN where they visited an animal shelter. There she perceived a little kitten she immediately felt a bondage to, still hesitant to take him in that instant. She gave her thoughts a day and fingers crossed and full of hope he was still there the next day to claim him. Luckily, he was and the adoption was settled, even though Paul was a little hesitant.  But his hesitation turned quickly into adoration as he proofed in his work he did for Yoda, which at the same time, gave the inspiring spark starting their website. 

    What Will You Find on their Website? 

    The website covers a variety of everything cat related. If you want to know what might be the best nutritious food for you cat, they have you covered explaining in detail what is best  for a holistic balanced cat diet. If you want to know how to groom or what accessory might be ecocentric best for the cat they have you covered too! 

    If you're looking for new ideas to keep your cat happy, but you're out of ideas, they share tips you might have never thought about and 'might be the perfect fit fit for your feline. I could wave on and on, but I guess it is better if you hop over to Bernadette and Paul's website to convince yourself and let you inspire or gain some new ideas. 

    54. crazy cat lady mysteries and more 
     blogger:  mollie hunt 

    Mollie calls herself  a "crazy" cats lover that is why she started this website in the first place. She lives in the rainy Pacific Northwest city of Oregon, where she shares her home with her cats and her husband. Aside being crazy for cats she also is the author of the book with the title: "A Crazy Cat Lady Mystery", as well a member of the Cat Writers' Association and is involved to help find lost cats in her area. She also believes in spay and neuter programs and volunteers at a number of her local shelters.  

    55. sandpiper cat
     blogger:  Rachel Shubin

    Everything started as a temporary thing when Rachel decided to give shelter to a foster cat named Sandpiper. Sandpiper transitioned from a foster situation into permanent. Sandpiper was not only the inspiration for Rachel's blog, as much more pregnant at that time. Rachel started her blog to write about Sandpiper and her litter and wanted to give beach names to all her kittens. Unfortunately, Sandpiper miscarried and not one of the three kittens survived. Even more, she had an emergency spay the very next day. Still, Sandpiper survived and even after some quarrels and disagreements with the already settled in cats in Rachel's home, found her new home just fine.

    Rachel decided to use her new created blog to continue çhanneling her cat thoughts and also writes reviews on books she read and recommends products she thinks can benefit and enhance a cat's lifestyle for the better. Aside that she also promotes giveaways from her home in Fairfax, Virginia.  If you want to to be a part of her thoughts on cats or are interested in interacting with Rachel about your thoughts on cat related stories, I invite you to visit her  blog.  

    56. blog: the purrfect job
     blogger: Alice Chau-Ginguen 

    When you were growing up and asked what is your idea of making a great living, what might come up? Dentist, pilot, lawyer, teacher... scoop cat poop for a living? 

    However, Alice Chau-Ginguen is a cat sitter with love, passion and soul. Even though she never had in mind that would probably her job description when asked. 90% of her live is focused and fixed on cats and their behavior due to the fact that she is a cat behaviourist too. When she is not working with cats, she writes about them on either their websites The Purrfect Job, or Katzenworld where she is a part of a team. 

    She is also the founder of numerous non profit initiative for cats- Hungry Meow Cat Food Collection: "Your Cat Too Hot" campaign, and "The Warmers Spot Cat Memorial"

    Furthermore, she is a member of 'Animal Behavior Society' , 'International Cat Care', 'Irish Writer's Union' and 'Alliance of Independent Authors', she is also a 'Canine First Response Instructor'

    Her work has been published in Irish Examiner, 'Irish Mirror' and 'Dublin City FM'

    Besides other great accomplishments so far, she is also a wife and a mother to one child and two cats. One of her cat (LamLarm) has been her companionship for over 13 years and has travelled along her side for over 10627.48 km. Her other cat joined the family just one day before her wedding. 

    What will you find on Alice's website?

    Great tips on how to travel with a cat, or how to deal with cats that do not live the way you want them to. Beside that you will also find self tested reviews she thinks might be worthwhile checking out and so much more. If you are interested reading great tips like: "How to Deal with Cat's Abnormal Behavior" from a true expert, than I recommend you checking out her website. 

    57. blog: 15 and 

    15 is not the age of the creator of the website, as much more the amount of cats the owner has. 7 times a week the website owner blogs about everything cats related. From behavior through training and visits to the vet. Here you can find out the bright  and dark side of a  cat owner's life. If you are interested in a holistic way of how it is to live with 15 cats than I want to invite you to visit the website and follow along.

    58. Blog: the meo blog 

    The Meo Blog became incredible popular by cat lovers because of their hilarious cute cat videos, different cat stories and cat rescue stories, which were made for the heart. But not only their video section is pawsome!  I also recommend their fun posts. Beside their website, I want to invite you to visit their social media sites where you can find a lot of real and new gems every day. 

    59. Blog: noir kitty mews
     blogger: VaLENTINE

    Love, Life, health, and mishaps of a cat is the main focus of this website. With wit and creativity  shares Valentine the black cat blogger (in the picture with her human mum) different aspects on cat's behavior and  her daily adventurous life. Visit the website to follow along the different aspects of a cat's life and let her inspire you. 

    60. Blog:pam johnson-bennett
     blogger: Pam johnson-bennett

    Pam Bennett has already published 8 books on cats behavior. She is celebrated as one of the worlds best cat behaviorist. She started to answer cat's behavior questions back in 1982. Many started to follow her footprints to become cat behaviorists themselves.

    Her blog, obviously, is about cat's behavior and how you as a cat owner can help your cat to eradicate the one or other cat's misbehavioral trait to the better. Furthermore will you find tips on correct cat nutrition and other tips to enhance your cat's life. So, hop over to Pam's website and equip yourself with one or maybe even all of Pam's books and become an even more conscious cat owner.

    61. way of the cats blog
     blogger:  pamela merrit

    Pamela did not grow up with cats as much more grow the furry little feline unto her heart when already a grown up. Over time she developed such a love for the feline that she could not stop to bring every abandon kitten or cat she found somewhere to her home and taking care of them, even though money was rare. Pamela started her website way back in 2008 with the intention to help other cat owners answering questions about all different cat related questions cat owners have toward their cat(s). So, if you do have (a) question(s) about your cat, please, do not hesitate to visit Pamela's website to have your question(s) answered or if you want to support her in form of a donation.

    62. the itty bitty kitty Committee
     blogger:  Laurie Cotto

    Laurie is a foster mum to kittens  till finding  a loving and caring home for them. She also has  written a book about her Itty Bitty Kitty Committee and aside of that does fundraising for kitten in general. 

    On her website you can find great stories about kittens and also the opportunity to support her on her mission in her fundraising program.
     blogger: Dr. Lisa A. Pierson  

    Dr. Lisa A. Pierson started out as a primary horse vet, before she she realized that many cats developed different diseases due to bad and unbalanced cat food. To diminish that problem she started the website with the main focus to educate cat owners how to feed cats the right food that helps to reduce the risk of disease due to unbalanced and unhealthy cat food. On her website you will find downloadable pdf files that you can read to your convenience. If you want to go in more depth for reasons why the one or other cat food is inappropriate for you cat, I highly recommend you to visit her site and profit from Dr.Lisa A. Person's knowledge and apply her teachings to avoid upcoming vet bills which could have been avoided right from the start. 

    64. Catladyland
     blogger: Angie bailey

    Angie Bailey is an award-winning freelance writer, blogger, performer, cat fancier, word game junkie, creative-project dabbler, music lover, food enthusiast, mother to two humans and three cats. As that would not be enough already, she also manages to write books like: "Whiskerslist: The Kitty Classified, Texts from the Mittens". Even more she also is running this successful website dedicated to her cats where she shares only the truths about cats in funny pictures. To top it all, she regularly contributed on too. 

    65. Regina Cat rescue

    The true and solemn goal of Regina  Cat Rescue is to help homeless kittens and cats to find a loving and caring home, as well educating people on proper cat treatment. If you want to get involved in supporting organizations like the ones on the websites, please do not hesitate and visit the website. Further goals of the website are preventing overpopulation in the cat community in form of sterilization of abandon cats, as well as a trap, neuter, return and maintain programs that are exclusively suited to fit under the same umbrella.

    I hope the list with the 65 best cat bloggers and their websites helps you to find what are you looking for. If you find another website that you think is worth mention or sharing, please, do not hesitate to write it in the box below the list. Thank you! 


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