How Long Can You Leave Cats Alone?

In this article I will deal with the question how long can you leave cats alone (before he/she misses you or might get concerned if you are coming back?)

Well, let us find out!

Finally, after one year of working nonstop, you have a few days or even weeks of vacation, yeah!

You and your spouse planned a trip leaving what might remind you of work behind and focus on vacation. But wait! What about your little family member? You have to make sure somebody takes care of him/her.


Questions You Have to Think About

There are different questions you want to ask yourself and find a good answer for to make sure you can travel safe and sound knowing your cat is well taken care of.

How long can I leave her/him alone when providing enough food and water?

Does my cat run crazy and take the apartment or house apart?

What about a cat sitter?

What about a cat sitter facility?

Is your cat used to have you around at all times, or does he/she spends time outside?

(cats' behavior who spend time outside differs of cats living only inside).

What about the litter box that needs to be cleaned every other day?

So, maybe you want to ask neighbors to feed her twice a day for the time absent?

Food you give her that should last for a couple days is getting older by the minute. The water might develop a skin.

Maybe in your time of absence the cat might be getting sick, or even worse injures her/himself and needs medical attention and you are or anybody else is not around to take her/him to the vet?

Many if questions you have to find a good answer for, I know.

As a matter of fact cats are used to and need to some degree the assurance you are around, even if it sometimes feels like they could live without you.

It is true cats do not need as much attention as a dog, still they are sensible when it comes to a point when he/she feels left alone for over two days.

At this point you reconsider a boarding facility

If you don’t cope well with the idea to leave your cat for more than a night/complete day and night, why not taking her/him to a boarding facility? They are specialized in taking care of your fella in the best way possible. Sure it costs money on the one hand, but on the other hand you can go on your trip with the ease of mind she/he is well taken care of, right?

Well, according to Pam Johnson-Bennett, a cat’s behavior consultant and owner of Çat Behavior Associates, LLC (link to the site) has a different opinion about that. Her take to the subject matter is: “When cats are placed in a boarding facility, they get the double whammy of not having the cat parents around as well as losing their territory.”

Cats Need the Stimulation Even at the Time of parental Absence

Because cats seem to not bother if or if you are not present is a false impulse, because they do care and they need interaction too. They need and want you to play with them and give them the feeling that you love them and care for them. That is why it is not a really good reason why you would leave her/him for more than a day or two.

Cats Tend to Get Lonely- Misbehavior Might be the Result

Still if you are leaving her alone for one or two days, make sure that you do not leave her/him without having something to play with like a puzzle feeder (link to a picture), a cat tree, cat perch, open paper bags, interesting and safe toys. Make sure that you put a nice cozy bed or something similar to a window ledge. It makes a difference to a cat when left alone.

I’m pretty sure you love your cat and especially the time when you cuddle her/him. Missing out on these for a few days can end up negative in a cat’s behavior. For instance her appetite might be effected, her grooming, litter box habits… just to name a few habits changes that might occur when left alone for a couple days.

 You might think about a cat feeder. How it works you can watch in the video below.

In case you are interested in an automatic cat feeder check it out by clicking the red button!

Anxiety Problems of  a Cat and What You Can Do to Ease Those

Some cats do not cope well when left alone for a longer period of time. They start getting anxious.

What you can do to reduce the chances of anxiety is using a pheromone plug-in (link to an amazon product). This device uses artificial pheromones to help your cat to stay calm in a time of your absence. Another possibility is to leave the TV on.

Cats are In Desire of Routine

To answer the question how long your cat can be alone? According to Johnsson-Bennett, “Cats should never be left alone for more than 24 hours without having someone check on their well-being. In addition to help on with unexpected illness or injury the caregiver will help keep your cat in a routine, which is important because cats are creatures of habit.” “It will be less stressful for the cat if a normal routine is maintained in terms of having the litter box scooped regularly, food served at normal times, and some degree of normal activity at home, “Johnson-Bennett says.

This goes along with Meister-Yetter (also a cats’ expert and owner of 4 cats) who agrees 100% with Johnson-Bennett’s statement. Additionally feeding and scooping the cat’s litter box, she recommends to also attend the cat at least 15-30 minutes playing with him/her.

As well it is important to keep the routine close in time. In your time of absence avoiding time gap of the previous feeding is important. Cats need to have a routine.

How long can you leave a cat alone?

No longer than 24 hours as professional cat’s behavior Johnsson-Bennett recommends. Make sure to consider one or the other recommended idea to  shorten her/his time spend alone at home

Thank you for reading the article. I hope I answered the question how long can a cat be left alone?” to your satisfaction!

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