Is Thyme Safe For Cats?

In this article I am going to answer the question if thyme is safe for cats? 

However you came to this article, you want to know if thyme is actually safe for your little furry feline. May be you’re happen to live in a house with a front or a backyard and happen to have thyme growing in your garden.  This might be how you came up with the question in the first place. Whatever the reason is that brought you here, I will not answer the question if thyme is safe, unsafe or even hazardous to a cat, right away, as much more will also go deeper telling you what benefits cache in thyme and how it may or may not benefit you and as well your little feline of course. 

What are the benefits of thyme?

As you know not only the cat needs their nutritioanl benefits. We humans need our daily portion ratio to maintain a healthy overall balanced diet asmuch or even more than cats do. This sometimes (or even moere often), a challenge, right?

The overall use of thyme is impressive because there are over 400 subspecies of its herb. Ancient Egyptians used it in their embalming practices, while ancient Greeks used it as incense. As well its distinct taste made it so popular, that we still use it today. But aside its good smell it also gained positive medical qualities helping to treat your skin to lessen an acne problem for instance. 

So, if you’re tired of buying and trying different over-the-counter acne medication that do not help eradicating such ugly looking pimples, why not trying thyme extracts as an alternative. 

The best way is to steepen it into alcohol and let it rest in there for a few days or even a week till it becomes a solution also known as tincture. According to researchers in the U.K. have tested its effects to help fight acne successfully. Click this link to read the more in depth research.

 Luckily, thyme for instance can be a great benefit because it caches a lot of vitamins in it as of: 

  • Vitamin C 
  • Vitamin A (which is a great source fighting a cold for instance).

It also has good source of:

  • Copper 
  • Fiber
  • Iron
  • Manganese

Thyme as a disinfector 

Do you have any moldy spots in your house? 

Well, as you surely know it can be an enemy affecting your health, because it pollutants the air you breath in and out and with it the bad bacteria that are in the air. Therefore you can use it to eradicate the issue. 

What about your blood pressure? 

Ever had a blood pressure issue. Either it was or maybe of as right now is low or high? 

Well, according to a study applying a thyme can help to reduce the heart rate and with it the high blood pressure and even lower your cholesterol as a nice side effect. 

The best way to apply it to your body is by substitute it with salt in your foods. 

Fighting coughing

Thyme essentials, which you can acquire from its leaves might be seriously lower the urge to cough and also might help to fight upcoming bronchitis. 

Best way is to drink some thyme tea as a remedy. 

Pest eradicator 

Did you ever try to fight any kind of pests like mice (well maybe your cat got rid of that problem for you). What a great side effect of having a pet you love and embrace helping eradicate this kind of issue, right? Still, there also other animals you tried to get rid of as mosquitos, bugs, or related insects. 

According to a study, which tried thyme in this area came to the conclusion that thyme extract is a great annihilator and repellent in this area, especially in the garden and the surrounding area. 

Make you own homemade repellent with ease. Just mix four drops of thyme oil to every teaspoon of olive oil, or mixing five drops of every 2 ounces of water, that’s it! 

You love good smells radiating from either your vocal area or skin? 

Well, thyme can also help you in that area. Many products as of mouthwash (due to its antiseptic and antifungal properties) is a great help to annihilate the bad smelling bacteria in the vocal area. 

It also helps you to smell up your room in potpourri form. Just put some in a bowl and put it on the table. Your guests will thank for it.

Do you sometimes feel like you’re feeling a bit in a mood swing or a bad mood? 

Thyme to the rescue! 

You see, thyme contains a substance called carvacrol, which is also used to for aromatic and therapeutic purposes. 

A study taken in 2013 found that carvacrol was the reason to enhance the neuron activity and boosted bad feelings to turn them into good feelings. 

You love good food, right? 

Which food comes to your mind if I would ask you for your favorite dish? Italian, French?

However, the Italians as well the French people and other countries along the Mediterranean area, found the caching beneficial to enhance the quality of good food by using thyme ingredients using it as a supplement in sauces as of pesto sauce. Yummy! 

But not only sauce will be spiced up as well

  • poultry
  • meat
  • fish

are even more delicious with un peu je ne sais quoi to it. 

A great way to enhance light food that you can enjoy when you try to lose a pound here or there! 


What an incredible source of beneficial health enhancement caches in this herb, right? 

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Well, after laying out all the great beneficial ingredients of this vitamin power herb. 

What about your cat? Is thyme as beneficial and safe for your cat as it is for you?

  Well, the answer is somehow. 

According to the ASPCA plants and “The Holistic Pets Center list,” names thyme as safe for cats.

As you know cats are notoriously curious about everything, as the proverbs says: Curiosity kills the cat!” Fortunately its curiosity  chewing on thyme doesn’t kill him/her. 

Generally safe for cats 

The FDA generally classifies thyme as safe for cats. So, if you happen to be a hobby gardener or love to grow different remedy herbs to spruce up your health you can rest assure that growing thyme in your house will be safe when your cat might chew on it for its curiosity. Even more so, not is it only in toxic for you little feline, as much more beneficial as it is to humans as already in depth shown above. Fact is that small amounts of thyme can actually enhance the health of your little feline to better or even eradicate digestion issues. 

Thyme Oil 

In addition thyme has an ingredient called thymol, which has shown anti-helminthic properties This means that , under veterinarian’s supervision thyme in oil form applied to a cat can decrease or even annihilate varies worm parasites in cats. 

positive effects when the cat nibbles on thyme

Cats constantly lick themselves and if you have combed your cat, sometimes residues of loose cat hair are still hidden in cat’s fur, ergo, your cat might swallow them after licking him/herself. These hairballs might also cause problems in your cat’s digestive tract but eradicated with the application of thyme by letting her nibble on it. 

So, as shown thymes benefits for cats, why not start to let it grow for your cat to nibble on it. All it needs is a small flat planter, a sunny window and a bit soil that is it! 

Please make sure that the soil you will use is sterilized! If you just randomly take outside soil you do not know if it full of chemicals and parasites, which is needless to say hazardous for cats.

Once you have finished the planting process, put in front of  a sunny window to guarantee its best chances to grow to its fullest as of more or less 12 inches (if your cat does not beat you to it by nibbling it down before). Also make sure that you let the soil soak the water completely and repeat the process for a 2nd run.

Thyme is a powerhouse when it comes to benefit your health and also the health of the cat. 

Possible issues that might accrue with your little feline consume thyme oil. So, my recommendation to you is to only apply thyme oil under the supervision of a vet. Especially when you give your cat other medication to fight any momentarily diseases affecting the central nervous system because thyme caontains thymol which can affect the cat negatively. 

Also make sure when you have a thyme plant to not spray thyme with any pasticides or herbicides.

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