Is Rosemary Safe For Cats?

In this article I am about to answer if rosemary is safe for your cat? 

You might have heard already that many herbs might cause real damage to all kind of bugs. This is actually a good thing, right? I mean who loves to have any kind of bugs as of cockroaches, fleas, ants, or any similar bug intruding your closet or laying eggs in different areas, especially in your food? Of, course nobody. 

The question that might come up at the same time is: If it can kill or at least keep insects away, how about the cat if he/she is exposed to rosemary and actually eats eat. Is there any danger or is it even hazardous for cats? 

Well, you are going to find out in this article. 

But before I want to answer the question right away, I also want to show you the many benefits you will gain from having rosemary in your house. 

​What are the gains of keeping Rosemary​​​​​ in your house? 

Well, the interesting health effects that caches in rosemary includes the ability to boost your memory. Even more so does it improve your: 

  • Mood 
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Relieve pain 
  • Protect the immune system ​​​​​
  • Stimulate circulation 
  • Detoxify the body 
  • Protect the body from bacterial infections
  • Prevent premature aging 
  • Heals skin conditions

Wow! This is a great variety that makes this little herb a real arsenal power weapon you should be having in your home to keep, right?

What Is Rosemary Literal? 

You find this power weapon herb in the Mediterranean region. It is one of the most common herbs. The following reasons will show why this tasteful and wonderfully good aromatic wealthy beneficial health effective herb should be added to our daily diet.

You find rosemary in the same taxonomic family as mint, even though it does not share the same characteristic flavor. 

  • Rosemary is a bit 
  • Warmer 
  • Bitter

In its taste which adds an excellent flavor to:

  • soups
  • Sauces 
  • Stews 
  • Roasts and stuffing

It is widely used in Italian dishes

Unfortunately with the intake of rosemary as more a characteristic flavor in many dishes, isn’t enough to really have a great impact on your body and result healthy beneficially to your body. 

But there are other forms to gain from this herb as of essential oils you can apply on your skin directly to help you to smoothen it or helping getting rid of viewable wrinkles that you do not want to have and trying to fight to maintain a healthy overall appearance. 

1.Memory Booster 

if we are trying to pinpoint the earliest documented use of rosemary for health reasons we find it firstly used as a cognitive stimulant. it is stated that it helps to improve memory and even more increases intelligence and focus. unfortunately, if it really helps to leverage intelligent is still in need to be scientifically sanctified. still, its effects on the brain do indicate an increase in memory retention. many do firmly believe that it stimulates cognitive activity in elderly people and those that suffer from acute cognitive disorders, as  Alzheimer’s or dementia. 

it is without saying that this is a much better and cheaper alternative than the more modern treatment for uncured conditions who might end up in negative or not aiding treatments. 

2. stress and mood reliever

Many swear on the aroma of rosemary as a stress and mood improver to those who are under a lot of stress or anxiety imbalance. so, if you are under a lot of stress or suffering under mood swings why not doing yourself something in good as of aromatherapy (link), but keep in mind to not use and apply it in concentrated form which might have the opposite result you were aiming for in the first place. 

3.boosts immunity

The active components in remarry are antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-carcinogenic in nature. These are like soldiers fighting the good fight in your body to keep any kind of diseases away by strengthen the immune system due to the powerful compounds as of: 

  • rosmarinic acid 
  • caffeic acid
  • beulic acid
  • carnosol

As not already impressive knowing that rosemary builds up your immune system, it is specifically powerful against bacterial infections, especially in the stomach and digestive tract area. A dangerous bacteria with the illustrious name h. pylori who loves to do play with the stomach ulcer by making it grown can find rosemary as great enemy fighting the good fight for you by prevent the growth from happening when you consume it. even though rosemary loves to help others suffering staph infections killing thousands of people a year. 

Well, rosemary is the herb to come to the rescue with its anti-flammatory and stimulated effects which is greatly appreciated to ease those negative effects. Adding it to your weekly diet

It can do wonders as of regulating your bowel movements and your gastrointestinal system. 

4.freshens your breath 

If you’re a fan of kisses and kissing, you know this is even more fun if your partner doesn’t smell like a german beer brewery right of his/her mouth. Rosemary might be your or your partner’s best friend to help turning stale smelling breath into a garden of Rosemarie making kissing so much more fun. 

how to do it?

All you have to do is: put some rosemary leaves into a glass of hot water and then gargle or let it dance in the oral area eradicating bacteria causing bad breath. 

5.blood flow stimulator 

Ever had the problem with clogged blood cells. this is no fun but you can fight it and cleanse it with the help of rosemary. it serves as a stimulant in your body oxygenate vital organ systems, ensuring their metabolic activities and in addition stimulating the movement of nutrients to cells which are in need of repair. 

6.pain reliever 

Rosemary might also be the perfect handy herb to release you from headaches or even migraine. even more when having a wound applying as an analgesic substance as a salve or paste. 

Are you interested in rosemary and how it can help  you in one or the other area as described above?

 Check it out by following the link here to different rosemary oils and see if you find one or the other you think would enhance your health.

After revealing the great health benefits of rosemary, let us see if the cat does benefit  from the herbal powerhouseas much as we do. 

Is  rosemary safe for a cat? 

Fortunately rosemary is not listed on the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animal’s list of toxic plants for cats. Ergo, it is not toxic to cats. On the other hand, rosemary contains volatile oils that can cause 

  • An upset stomach
  • Depression of the nervous system if consumed in large amounts. 
  • ​​​​​Another extract called Yucca Shidigera can decrease the odor in cat’s feces. 
  • and if you take a look on a toxic list under Yucca will find the cat written there. 
  • The rosemary extract, a cheap preserve is known to cause seizures to a cat. In larger amount taken it can cause 
  • vomiting 
  • Uterine bleeding 
  • Kidney failure 
  • Allergic reactions

how about the use of rosemary in relation with a cat?

Rosemary is strong in flavor. taking this fact most pets and cat’s included are not even compelled to take more than one bite. nevertheless if your cat is showing affection to the herb, i suggest you to start growing it in a pot out of his/her reach even as already mention it won’t kill your little furry little friend if taken one or two bites. 

I also recommend to keep the growth of the plant on a more limited size. 

What kind of size?

Since rosemary herbs can grow between 4-6 feet tall and bushy. They might start sprawl on the ground, over rock gardens or ledges. 

So, my recommendation to you is to lesser your worries and concerns toward your little feline and his/her safety to go with the sprawling type since it is smaller.  

Is rosemary oil safe for cats? 

Fortunately for your cat, yes, this essential oil is generally safe for your little feline in diluted form. 

Why in diluted Form? 

Well, cats are sensitive to oils in general for the following reasons. Cats have  very acute senses of smell 

Cats have delicate and thin skin which allows for quicker absorption of these concentrated substances into the bloodstream. 

Most importantly, cats don’t possess the ability to efficiently metabolize some of the compounds in essential oils, which can lead to toxic build-up in their bodies. 

Rosemary is a herbal health powerhouse when it comes to serving a human being. Its powers is appliable in varies forms and helps from smoothen up you skin to relief you from from varies pain till even might help you to dicrease the risk of different cancers. 

When it comes to cats, even so it is not hazardous to them, I still recommend you to try to avoid to get him/her in contact with rosemary and if so only in diluted form.  

Thank you for reading the article! 

I hope I have answered the question if rosemary is safe for cats?, to your likeness. 

Please, if you have any  further question(s) or you want to share your thoughts to the topic matter, please, do so by leaving a comment below in the little box. 

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