Can I feed My Dog Watermelon?

Can I Feed My Dog Watermelon

In this article I will answer the question “Can I feed my dog watermelon?”

Let us face reality! America suffers under obesity! How many times a year, a month, a week, maybe even a day do we promise ourselves starting to take more care of what we feed our body. We know pizza, pasta, or whatever does not cry for well balanced and healthy food, right!

Fruit seems to more or less none existing on our daily eating list. We know of the health benefits that comes with pretty much all fruits. The one more the other less, still there is no doubt and reasoning that fruits is an absolute must for achieve a well-balanced health lifestyle. In this article I want to talk about the health benefits of the watermelon and if the benefits of the watermelon also resilient to the dog.


Health Benfits of a Watermelon

Watermelon is loaded with:

  • Minerals
  • low on calories
  • beta-carotene
  • magnesium
  • vitamin A
  • potassium
  • Vitamin C

which makes it a perfect hydrated fruit. So, it is a no brainer for the healthy oriented person to eat and in the next step feed your pooch too, right?

Healthy For Your Dog in Measurable Amount

Watermelon to its core is only in measurable amount of chunks safe for your dog. One of the main reason is that the watermelon comes with many seeds. And as you probably already noticed yourself eating a watermelon with its seeds can sometimes cause a bit of an upset to your intestinal tract, right?

Now, if a dog eats watermelon with only a few of these seeds, what do you think will happen to his/her intestinal tract? Of course, the stomach gets even more upset as ours due to their smaller sized organs and intestinal system. It might have the potential to end up in a more serious issue because some of the seeds cause a blockage in their intestine. In that case it is out of the question what you are supposed to do other than seeking a vet at once.

The one or the other dog owner might argue that watermelon is diuretic and cannot hydrate your dog. I somehow want to disagree on that because it is 91% percent water. Yes, with a little preparation watermelon is a safe fruit to feed your dog. As I mentioned in the paragraph above, you have to make sure that you cut the watermelon in little cubes and remove all the seeds that might cause an upset stomach.

On the other hand, slices or dices of seedless watermelon can cool down a dog on a sunny and hot summer day. In particular when he /she did a lot of running.

Is Watermelon as itself Safe to Feed Your Dog?

I want to stress out that moderation is the key. Too many watermelon slices can cause a negative change in its bowel movement and ìt can get a little bit messy!

Apart of that. Due to the high water percentage of a watermelon, higher urination level could be inevitable.

Make sure you feed your dog only watermelon without the rind and seeds. The most nutritious and health beneficial part is in the juicy and red part of the watermelon anyway.

Why not Give Your Dog Treats That Have a Watermelon Taste

If you like the idea of feeding your dog watermelon and you do like to feed him/her it, why not also try specific prepared dog snacks on a watermelon taste basis. This is a link that leads to a watermelon taste snack that you might want to give a try. Aside watermelon tastes, there other tastes like apple etc. you might want to give it a try and see if your pooch like them too.

To answer the question "Can I Feed My Dog Watermelon?" a simple yes is adequate.

Watermelon is hydrating, nutritious, and low in calories.

This makes it a perfect treat. Still, moderation is the key to ensure a healthy and well balanced diet.

Make sure to only feed the juicy red part of the watermelon and keep them in dice or little slice forms.

It Can Make a Treat for and Its Immune System.

A light treat because it is mostly watered. If you are also interested in watermelon-flavored dog treats. You can check them out by clicking the link button below.

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