Can Cats Eat Pomegranate?

​In this article I am going to answer the question “Can Cats Eat Pomegranate?”

I bet you, pomegranate is not on your daily health dish, right?

Still, it is a powerhouse when it comes to health benefits. What makes the pomegranate fruit such a health powerhouse fruit I am about to lay out in depth in this article along with answering the question if it is a good idea to feed your cat this fruit as well?

But first let’s look at the history and the health benefits of a pomegranate.

History of the pomegranate

  1. The exotic dark reddish colorful fruit has its roots in the Northern Hemisphere from September to February and in the Southern Hemisphere from March to May. It grows on a small growing tree with a length between 5 and 8 (16 and 26 ft.) tall. At first glimpse you could make it out as a raspberry. ​The pomegranate is wildly used in cooking, baking, juice blends, meal garnishes, smoothies, and alcoholic beverages, especially cocktails and wine.

If you want to track down its earliest route, you will end up in modern-Iran throughout Afghanistan, Pakistan, and northern India all the way up to the Mediterranean region. In the late 16th Century, it was successfully introduced to Spanish America. The Spanish settlers brought the fruit to California in 1769. Over the years with the Americans growing love for the reddish fruit, it also found a wider audience in Middle East, Caucasus region, north and tropical Africa, South Asia, all the way to the drier parts of southern Asia, even in the Mediterranean Basin. In the contemporary time as of 20th - ​21st Century Europe and the western Hemisphere have welcomed the fruit and their beneficial side effects too, enjoying the fruit's values not only for their sweetness as far more the health benefits that come with ​its health bringing ingredients.

health benefits of the pomegranate

As I already mentioned at the beginning of the article, the pomegranate fruit is a health powerhouse with the following health benefits.

They are loaded with important nutrients. Just a cup of arils approx. 174 gr. Contains:

  • Fiber: 7 gr.
  • Protein 3gr.
  • Vitamin C: 30% of the RDA.
  • Vitamin K: 36% of the RDA
  • Folate: 16% of the RDA
  • Potassium: 12% of the RDA.

The sweet fruit also comes with

  • Sugar 24 gr.and 144 calories.

Pomegranate - A remedy fruit against cancer?  


​Pomegranate contains anti-inflammatory content, this helps reducing the risk of:

  • breast cancer
  • colon cancer

and the most common cancer to men

  • prostate cancer​

Varies studies have shown that the pomegranate extract can help to not only slow down the process of prostate cancer cells, as far more kills cancer cells.

That is what I call a health power fruit!

To be more specific; men who suffered under prostate cancer and started drinking a glass of 237 ml (8oz.) of pomegranate juice daily lower the risk of cancer cells grow and with it the risk of death.

But not only men profit from this health power fruit. It can help women alike help to reduce the reproduction or even kill some of the breast cancer cells successfully (more studies are needed to back up this theory 100%).

Are you suffering under High Blood Pressure?

Why not try the positive affect of this power fruit in juice form and see if it helps you to take control of the issue and lower the pressure and with it the risk of a heart attack or a stroke. All it takes is a glass of pomegranate juice (150 ml/ 6oz.) daily for 2 weeks and see the results.

The same goes for arthritis due to the fact that the fruit has a positive anti-inflammatory effect.

But not only disease enhancing cells can be lowered as well as common diseases in the gum region for instance gingivitis and periodontists.

And it doesn’t stop here!

Pomegranate, or more specifically pomegranate juice can help to enhance verbal and visual memory alike.

​Does the cat benefit from the Fruit as much as humans do?

After showing you the incredible health benefits of the loaded nutritional power fruit, what about the health benefits for cats?

​You know the cat is a carnivore and as such would certainly not eat pomegranates ​preying its food in the wilderness. Still, the short answer is yes! The pomegranate is a safe fruit for cats to eat. I actually encourage you to ​feed him/her the fruit​ but in in frequence.

As I have already stated in this article, pomegranate is a nutritious fruit containing:

  • ​vitamin C​
  • folic acid
  • fiber​
  • and potassium

​While the pomegranate it is low in calories it is high in antioxidants . All theses nutritious goodies are also good and safe for the cat, best served as fruit (the seeds, of course!), or in the puree or mashed form mixed into kibble or wet cat food.

​I outlined the great health and also healing benefits of the pomegranate for humans are true for cats too. Vitamin C and antioxidants for instance are as vital for humans as for the cat too, because it helps the humans as the cats immune system.

Even though it seems like a no brainer to feed your cat pomegranate as a healthy​ and beneficial treat once in a while​, there might also be some kind of raising question feeding  your cat the powerfruit if you you ask it in a cat forum for instance. 

I want to answer both sides more in depth and you decide in the end if you can see the obvious nutritional benefits will outweigh the concerns you might be hearing from other cat owners or cat experts on the topic.

Vitamin C is good for a cat's health

Research states that the high content of vitamin C is good for the cat’s health. Even though the fact pomegranates are low in calories 83 calories on 100g of fruit to be exact is also a plus and goes in favor for feeding your cat as a frequent powerful healthy treat.

Pomegranates do not contain any unsaturated fats and cholesterol. And the decreasing nutritious elements as Ellagitannin compounds as Punicalagin and Granatin are abundantly present in the fruit.

So, the times where you have healthy human food that is probably not harmful to a pet in general and in this case cats in particular you should do so. Especially taking the fact that even the smallest amount comes with such a great amount of vitamins and antioxidants.

Even taken the antioxidants we find in the fruit which might be, as already stated in the article, help to prevent or at least, lessen, or even annihilate cancer cells, still needs to establish its solid validity, but it seems to not harm your cat when given as a frequent treat in small quantities in the form already explained.

Fresh promegranates are best!

Please make sure to only feed fresh pomegranates, actually, the best is, if you buy the fruit from a local, organic farmer.

​​Concerns toward feeding cats pomegranates

A possible issue you might be hearing if you would raise this question in a cat forum is that it can cause gastrointestinal problems feeding your cat(s) great amounts of the fruit.

It is also believed, that in controversy of what I have explained above in the article that the high antioxidant content in pomegranate is not very effective for a cat as a beneficial and nutritious frequent treat even though they might eat it eagerly the advantages the fruit gives humans does not resonate as advantageously as it does for cats.  

My suggestion

My suggestion in this case is to start dropping a few seeds (arils) on the floor and see how the cat reacts to it. After he/she ate the seeds and doesn’t show any negative signs of possible gastrointestinal issues, you know that you are on the safe side and can feed your little furry feline pomegranate more frequently as an added feature in her diet.

​The pomegranate comes loaded with beneficial and nutritious vitamins, which enriches a daily diet for humans. To see if it does the same for a cat it is best and safest to start with feeding him/her just a few seeds and observe over several hours how his/her gastrointestinal system reacts to the seeds. If no negative issues seem to occur, ​you know you can feed your little furry feline this nutritiomal and vitamin ​loaded powerhouse. 

Thank you for reading the article!

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