Can Cats Eat Pepperoni? A Cat is a Carnivore, So?

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In this article I will answer the question "Can Cats Eat Pepperoni?"

Why don’t we find out what the American salami has and if it is a save choice to feed your cat, ok?


A Busy Cat Owner

pepperoni pizza

As a busy cat owner one thing you want to avoid is standing, after an incredible long working day, another half an hour (or even longer) in the kitchen cooking, right?

What is the first thing you do?

Probably the same thing most other Americans do in the same situation.

Of course! You crab your cell phone and call your favorite pizza service to your convenience. According to a conducted Harris Poll study (link) did one of the longest public survey measuring the opinion in the US name pizza their food choice number 1 before ice-cream.

What is the topic number 1?

Of course! Pepperoni!

Now imagine yourself (maybe you do not even have to) having a slice of pizza in your hand and your little furry friend(s) is sitting in front of you with a huge “Cat in the Boots” look that lets your heart melting.

cat looks at somebody with huge eyes

The resistance barrier is getting thinner and thinner and you asking yourself “Can a cat eat pepperoni?” what might happen if I feed them pepperoni? Let's find out!

The Main Ingredients of a Pepperoni

The main characteristics of a pepperoni are soft, smoky, and bright red color. It is made from a cured pork and beef mixed with paprika or chili pepper.

As you can imagine with the ingredients listed, you can't call pepperoni a healthy food due to its high fat content. It is a mix of meats processed in a huge tube and then sliced in round wafers.

A possible healthier choice would be the turkey pepperoni. It comes with half the fat, ¼ the saturated fat and at the end ½ the calories. On top, it gives twice as much proteins.

One consideration; turkey pepperoni is slightly higher in cholesterol and sodium. Still, a better choice over the common pepperoni.

Ok, now that we know what the pepperoni and the alternative turkey pepperoni has, is it healthy to give a cat pepperoni? A cat is a carnivore and needs their meat, right?

Not really!

Let’s Break  Pepperoni's Ingredients and Their Effects on a Cat in Chunks, Ok?


pile of sodium

Pepperoni has sodium which adds that distinct flavor to a pepperoni.

One slice of pepperoni has 98 milligrams of sodium and around 683 mg in an entire slice of piazza.

An adult cat needs not more than 21 mg of sodium a day.

This can prove to be hazardous. Cat’s digestion system is much more delicate as that of a human. Even not mentioning the preservatives and spices that can put your cat at health risk.

For Instance:

  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Lethargy
  • No appetite

Worst case scenario salt poisoning and, if not treated soon enough, death.

But don’t fret too soon!

If  diarrhea may occur, you can start feeding the cat boiled chicken which will soothe the upset stomach.


Another spice in a pepperoni. On the one hand it might help to lower the risk of harmful bacteria growth, but on the other hand it might be poisonous to cats, dogs, and even horses.

It can cause:

  • gain loss
  • lethargy
  • lack of appetite

Can lead to gastrointestinal irritation or inflammation of the stomach and intestines. Your cat might start with a stomach ache and end with the damage of red blood cells.

This can cause:

  • general weakness
  • lack of appetite
  • dark red urine

At this stage I recommend you to take your cat to the veterinarian.

Red Pepper

Can cause:

  • pepper poisoning
  • bladder infection (painful urination as a result)
  • Constant paw’s licking and chewing claws to get out the pepper
  • Constant sneezing

The above listed ingredients you can find in a slice of pepperoni showcase the fact that, pepperoni is, obviously, not the best choice to give your little furry fella.

Aside the listed ingredients, I also want to mention, cats do not have the same amount of taste buds as a human. A human has 9,000 taste buds as a cat has only 500 taste buds on her tongue.

Maybe you have started to feed your little cat pepperoni once in a while and she did not show any of the listed symptoms. Well, consider yourself lucky!

Even though he/she did not show any affection the first couple of times, better not risk the worst case scenario at the end and safe yourself money for a veterinarian to treat your little fella at the end!

Feeding a cat pepperoni might not be the smartest move. If you want to prevent any health problems like diarrhea, vomiting, or anything related should give you enough reasons to better treat your furry friend with something less unhealthy.

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