Can Cats Eat Oats? Is it Healthy for Cats? A Cat is a Carnivore, so?

Can Cats Eat Oats

In this article I am going to answer the question if cats can eat oats?

 As you know the cat is a carnivore. If he/she would live in the wilderness, oats would not be on his/her preying menu, right? Still, if you have already read one or the other article on my site, then you know that there are many foods a cat would not devour if he/she would live in wilderness, but they are, de facto, healthy for a cat to consume, as cranberries for instance. If you want to gain more knowledge about what and why cranberries make a good food supplement for cats, I invite you to read the article "Can Cats Eat Cranberries" by clicking this link.


Before I want to answer the question "Ïf Cats Can Eat Oats?", I want to dig deeper into the benefits oats bring to and on the table and why they are considered healthy for humans and what kind of effect they have on humans and cats alike? Oats as such are, actually, not beneficial for all humans because one of their ingredient is gluten. Gluten has the negative effect on bloating up the digestive system or the lower oval digestive region, which causes sincere pain. However, those people who are not gluten intolerant can really benefit eating oats on a daily basis due to their richness of fiber.

The Health Benefits of Oats Due to scientific research 

We all know one of the main, often, lethal disease is any kind of cancer. Ergo, it is always good to know what we can do to, at least a certain degree, restrict or even diminish the risk of any kind of disease in general, right?

It is naïve to think, believe, and pray might be sufficient to stay healthy. Unfortunately, most of the time it is not sufficient. We also have to start, more diligently, eating more healthy and stop stuffing our body with bad fats and unnatural food all day because of lack of time staying actively in the kitchen for one or two hours. According to a paper published in the "American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine" in 2008, assess a number of studies ran for more than a decade found out that the possible health benefits of oats include:

Reducing the risk of Coronary artery disease  

  • Lowering levels of cholesterol
  • and one’s risk of colorectal cancer.
  • They also found out that eating food rich in whole-oat sources of soluble fiber like:
  • Oats
  • Oat bran and Oat flour

Help reducing the risk of coronary cancer disease. 

Colorectal Cancer  

Far more in their research, which took place in Britain and the Netherlands, they found evidence (by evaluating over 2 million people,) that a daily intake of 10 grams of high-fiber diet (mainly from whole grains and cereals like oats) will reduce the risk of colorectal cancer as much as 10%, especially, with the intake of cereal fiber and whole grains. Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer with over 1.2 million diagnosed cases worldwide.

What can cause colorectal cancer?

Probably, the over consumption of red meat in combination with excessive alcohol.

High Blood Pressure

Do you suffer from high blood pressure?  If not, good for you! Still, a lot of Americans do, (due to excessive intake of bad and unhealthy food). They do not only suffer from high blood pressure as far more developing diabetes. So, instead of going to take the more expensive road trying to fight high blood pressure with hypertensive medication it is as sufficient to eat a rich diet including plenty of whole-grains such as:

  • Oats
  • Or
  • Whole meal bread (which is without a doubt less expensive).

All it takes is three portions per day to “reduce cardiovascular disease risk significantly.

Obesity The Number One Enemy In The United States

The British Journal of Nutrition published several reviews on supplement issues in October 2014. The articles state that oats play a significant role improving a satiety feeling (fullness), which results in diet quality, digestive, cardiovascular, and general metabolic health. Ergo, it is no surprise that many nutritionists not only recommend, as much more swear on the effectiveness of the beneficial health enrichments eating oats to increase our daily diet to the positive and reducing the negative side of going the unhealthy road eating unnecessary unhealthy food we all love so dearly.  

Do you want to strengthen, not only your immune system, but at the Same time maintain slim, mentally active and chronic disease free? Whole grains are a great way to invite into your daily diet menu.

Regular consumption of whole-grain foods may be correlated with lower body mass index (BMI).


Due to researchers eating a wholegrain rich diet reduces hunger in general and with it the increase of fullness.

Even further down the road the fiber content of oats help the gastrointestinal tract running smoothly and with it the reduction of constipation.

Let’s do a nutritional breakdown of oats to see their benefits more in depth

Dietary fiber

Oats are rich in beta-glucan (a special type of fiber). It can help you to reduce lower level of bad cholesterol. You see, the daily recommended fiber intake for women is 25 and for men 38 grams. One cup (81 grams) dry oats contains 7.5 grams.


The following list of different minerals, vitamins and antioxidants shows you how much health power comes with the intake of 100 grams of oats eaten as a daily breakfast or as a health filler during the day.

  • 51 percent of the daily recommended intake thiamine (also vitamin B1)important to break down carbs. You can also find it in foods as whole grains, meat, nuts, beans, and peas.
  • 8 percent riboflavin (also vitamB2). It plays an important part as one of the 8b vitamins to metabolizes fat and protein to convert carbs into glucose your cells need for energy. Your nerves and brain need riboflavin to function properly as well your skin, eyes, hair, and liver stay healthy when richly nurtured sufficiently with riboflavin.   
  • 5 percent of niacin- also known as vitamin B3 (important for general good health. As a treatment it is beneficial when it comes to improve cholesterol levels and lower cardiovascular risks.
  • 6 percent vitamin B6
  • 14 percent folate- also a b vitamin
  • 13 percent pantothenic acid
  • 26 percent iron
  • 44 percent magnesium
  • 52 percent phosphorus
  • 12 percent potassium
  • 26 percent zinc                        
  • 31 percent copper
  • 246 percent manganese

All this power comes with one cup of 80g oats and meager 297 calories.

When Better Not Consume Oats?

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Remember that I stated that oats can cause stomach cramps in the beginning of this article due to gluten intolerance. Well, oats itself do not contain gluten. It is much more that they grow, usually, in the same fields as wheat or barley, which contains gluten. They are responsible contaminate oats with gluten. So, if you are prone to stomach cramps wondering why, you might want to do a more in depth research on celiac disease by clicking this link here.   

Bone Health

You have probably heard that a milk rich diet strengthens bones. When I had a severe care accident and had my leg broken three times. The doctor prescribed me milk supplements due to the high intake of calcium. However, oats is also rich in the mineral called silicon (no, not the one some women use to enlarge their breasts). This mineral plays a major role in the bone formation and maintenance. Just imagine what a powerful combination the interaction of calcium in milk in combination with oats play. Probably!

Why probably?

Well, due to a report by the University of Pennsylvania, oats might hinder the absorption of calcium. Still, eaten in combination definitely a wise decision.

Enhance Sleep Quality

Oats contain amino acids and more nutrients which aid the production of melatonin. Ergo, eating oats in combination with milk and honey can do wonders if you might have trouble sleeping.

Are you sometimes or even often stressed out for whatever reason?

Oats are rich in vitamin B6. Eating them in combination with milk and bananas can help you to relax after a stressful day.

Turbo Energy Booster

What are the body’s primer energy source?


What is rich in carbs?

Oats, of course!

They offer you a great energy boost when eaten in the morning.

Dry Skin

Are you a victim to dry and itchy skin?

If you happen to be, you might want to try treating your skin with oats, because it contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Are you prone to thin hair or dandruff?

Well, if you are, you might find oatmeal the help you need to regain hair or lose dandruff. If you want to know how, read here how? Link.

Ok, With Going Into Great In Depth About The Health Benefits In Various Forms, What About Health Benefits For A Cat? Are Their Actually Any Benefits For A Cat?

Well, yes and no!

Let us start with the yes.

If your cat happens to be constipated, cooked oatmeal in small measurement might do the trick and soften his/her stool. Even as little treat here and there won’t harm him/her in any way. Just make sure that you only cook the oats with water and not add any kind of artificial flavor or sweetener to it.

Now the no part!

As you know cats are carnivores, ergo, if they would live in the wilderness oats would not on their menu as already mentioned in this article. Thus, even though you feed them oats as a supplementary treat or not, does not lessen the fact that they still need as much meat as they need if you would not feed them oatmeal, because it does not provide the same beneficial health as it does for humans. This is one reason why cats eat a lot of cheap food containing lots more fillers than the expensive cat food. Even though cats can eat non-meat food, still, they need their meat! It is their nature, they cannot survive without it.

Thank yo for reading the article!

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