Can Cats Eat Cranberries

Can Cats Eat Cranberries?

If you ask this question in a cat forum, chances are you will leave the forum like you entered it in the first place.


There are controversial responses regarding the question if a cat can, in fact, eat cranberries. One says: “Of course, if your cat likes them let her/him eat it, while another person strongly advices against it, because they may lead to a cat’s liver failure. However, at the end you leave the forum still dissatisfied the outcome to your question?

I hope with this article I can turn your question mark (?) into an exclamation mark (!), giving you a more in-depth answer why you can or cannot feed your little feline cranberries.


Cranberries and How Native Americans Used Them 

Let me take you on a journey to the west part of the glory and the free back in the days were the Native Americans still enjoyed the spirit of freedom and peace. The Algonquin, Chippewa, and Cree, among their brothers in the same free spirit gathered the fruit where they found them; Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Wisconsin, all the west to Oregon and Washington, and partly areas to the north (Columbia and Quebec), according to Deon Mihesua, a professor at the University of Kansas and an enrolled citizen of the Choctaw nation.

Two Native American tribes had their name for the red fruit. On the one side we have the Algonquin and the Wampanoag on the other side.

The Algonquin called the fruit sassamenesh, and the Wampanoag called it ibimi which translates to literal as “bitter or sour berries”.

Both tribes found a diverse use as they did not only eat the fruit in the first place as much as using it to dye their textiles and even as medicine.

They found great use in the leaves of the fruit, using them to make tea. The fruit they ate in its natural form.

The Inuktitut (natives of Eastern Canada) used them to bake their cakes and the leaves as a tobacco substitute. They also found extended use cooking them to dye their porcupine quills and using the fruit as bait to catch the snowshoe hare. And even more, making jewelry.

Cranberries contain a high level of antioxidant, hence the Native Americans believed that eating the fruit decreases the risk of heart failure.

Iroquois and Chippewa alike used the fruit for medical purposes. They believed that it not only purifies the blood, as at the same time temper fever, stomach ache or even cramps, and childbirth- related injuries. Alright, let’s recap the diversified use of the fruit.

1. Eaten in its natural form (believing it prevents or helps to minimize heart disease)

2. Making cake

3. Using as a medical wonder pill (ball), believing it does not only prevent heart disease as likely its toxin.

4. Purifies the blood

5. Temper fever

6. Stomach ache/cramps

7. Dye textiles or porcupine skin

8. Substitute for tobacco

9. Making tea of the leaves

10. Using as bait for snowshoe hares

11. Making jewelry

WOW! This is quite a list!

However, after gaining some historical background knowledge and their versatile use we still don’t know if the cat can eat cranberries too!

Can a Cat Eat Cranberries?

Yes, he/she can!

Even more so, I recommend you to feed the cat cranberries as a useful natural supplement because of the different vitamins the fruit contains. You can find these vitamins in the cranberry which are enriching a cat’s diet.

1. Vitamins C, E, and K

2. Manganese

3. Copper

4. Potassium

5. Iron

6. Magnesium

Health Benefits of Cranberries

1. Vitamin C helps to support the cat’s immune system

2. Manganese is important for the bones, joint cartilage and neurological function.

Since we know that the Native Americans believed the antioxidant content which comes from proanthocyanidins (also responsible for their vibrant color) supports anti- inflammatory and anti-cancer incredients.

What Is the Best Form to Feed My Cat Cranberries?

I recommend you not to feed a cat cranberries in its natural grow. It is more useful to go with the cat’s diet through tablets or soft chews.

Best way is a food or treat that has cranberries as a main ingredient to enhance the overall nutrition!

Well, here we go!

I hope I achieved my goal of turning your question mark (?) into an exclamation mark (!) with an adequate answer if a cat can eat cranberries?

Please, if you have your own story or anything related to this article do not hesitate and write it in the box below.

Thank you! ​


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