Can Cats Eat Garlic? Is it Healthy or Not?

can cats eat garlic?

In this article I will talk about garlic and its effect on cats answering the question if a cat can eat garlic?


How many times do we look at cats sitting in front of us with their begging huge heart melting eyes as of asking to share your food with them, right?

As you love your fella we often just do not take some obvious facts in consideration that the  food we eat without causing our digestive system any problems why should it cause problems to the cat's digestion system, right?

Unfortunately, the human's digestion system is more resilient as the digestive system of either a kitten or cat's.

So, to see if garlic is harmful or not let us see what ingredients a garlic has and if those harm or not harm a cat, ok?

The Health Benefits of Garlic

Garlic won foods' awards being an incredible power vegetable for lower risk of varies forms of cancer like:

Upper digestive cancer

Squamous cell carcinoma (another form of cancer)

Lung cancer (affects people who smoke)

Stomach cancer (gastric cancer)

Further positive side effects according to studies are:

Only the garlic intake of 20gr at least three times a week is all it needs to lower the risk of:

  • a heart attack
  • Bullet Point Coronary artery disease2
  • High blood pressure
  • Atherosclerosis

More flexibility of blood vessel damage due to chronic excessive inflammation.

This is the best way to set all beneficial ingredients free and enjoy the healthy garlic. Crush the garlic instead of slicing it. This is how you set the most amount of allinese and alliinese enzymes free to work on a sulfur compound calles alliin in the garlic.

Further Health Benefits

Garlic staggers with its excellent source of manganese and vitamin B6 a good source of Vitamin C and copper.


Has antioxidant properties and can help to protect the cells from damage.


Phosphorus is the second most mineral in our bodies. You need it to filtering all the waste in the digestive system.

Vitamin B1

Also known as Thiamine used as a dietary supplement.


Another health beneficial dietary supplement is sulfur.

Calcium helps strengthen the:

It helps to lower the risk of :

diabetes type 2

Great Health Benefits for Men

Garlic stimulates the blood circulation. Because of that it benefits sexually. But better make sure that the wife eats it too, otherwise it loses its power due to its odor!

​Other Tip: You can buy garlic supplement pills!

If you have any general blood issues, the garlic can help you aswell to:

  • Prevent blood clots
  • Lower cholesterol
  • decrease blood pressure


Many men suffer under the effects of prostate enlargement as they are getting older. A diet rich in garlic and onions help lower the risk as a study found out. a regularly intake of garlic can lower the risk up to 28%. So, garlic in combination with onions might even soar the percentage.

Further Benefits for Women and the Skin

Studies have shown that garlic health benefits for skin.

How does garlic benefit the skin?

Well the following listed ingredients are the reason to increase antioxidant levels of the skin and body.

Sulphur – enhances blood flow and give the skin a natural glow.

So, if you happen to suffering under acne or maybe have one or the other pimple you want diminish this tip here might help you to do so!

Tip: Cut a little raw piece of garlic and rub it over the affected area. Wait for 5- 10 minutes and wash it off with cold water. After a couple hours already you see a major improvement or even better the affected area is healed completely. (Helps removing acne and pimples).

I recommend you to use acne in combination with vinegar (2-3 pods of garlic). The vinegar helps maintaining the skin’s pH level while the garlic does all the action and fights possible infections.

If for obvious reason the odor does not appeal to you, this lessens the odor significantly.

Just peel a couple pods and crush them. Add a half teaspoon of honey and 2-3 tsp. yogurt. That’s it. Now spread it evenly over your face and leave it on for 15-20 minutes. As a garlic alternative you can also apply garlic oil or powder.

Garlic's Benefits for Hair

Garlic also gained a lot of positive reputation help decreasing hair fall, boosts regeneration of new hair follicles, removes harmful toxins from the scalp, and enhances hair texture and even reinforces hair roots. This is thanks to the allicin in garlic. Even more does it help to fight dan druff because of anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It is the sulfur in garlic that makes this possible.

Here is a tip how to apply it to successfully get an all-around hair tune-up!

Just one garlic pod is enough. This you put in either your shampoo or conditioner. Please make sure you don’t use the garlic shampoo method more than once or twice a month! To dampen the garlic’s odor, I recommend you to mix it with honey.

Important advice!

If you are about to try one or the other form of above treatment I alert you that allicin starts to degrade immediately after it is produced. Therefore use it at once! Do not use the microwave for any of the recommended remedies because they destroy allicin and eliminate any health and beauty benefits of garlic cloves.

As well, I urge you to use garlic with care since it is a strong anti-oxidant and you might end up with blisters and rashes. Any area you want to treat use a patch before as a tester first and then go full throttle. If you already suffer under a thin skin, I recommend you to better not apply it at all!

Can a Cat Eat Garlic? Are the Health Benefits Provided in a Garlic For Humans also Beneficial for Cats?

All right!

I know, all the beneficial background information till now has not answered the actual question if a cat also benefits from garlic and can eat it?

I hope you do not mind giving you a bit deeper analysis about the garlic and their health  benefits. I think it is always helpful (at least in my opinion) to extend the general knowledge in an array that benefits daily life. Ok, back to the initial 'can a cat eat garlic question?'

The short answer here is, no!

The longer answer is, if you already have fed your cat garlic, and he/she has not shown any affects, consider yourself lucky. Just to be safe. There is not a major problem because normally you do not feed a cat raw garlic as more likely in combination with a main dish, right?

The further reason is; next to all the health benefits stated in this article, garlic has sulfoxides and sulfides, which can cause hemolytic anemia.

It Can Cause Damage as of:

Bursting of red blood cells through the entire cat’s body.

It can also lead to gastroenteritis causing inflammation of the stomach and intestines resulting in crucial stomach pain.

Garlic toxicity in cats can include weakness or prevent a cat from moving at all.

  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting

are also common symptoms. At this stage it is self-explanatory to take your cat to the vet.

Due to its toxic contentment of garlic and taken the fact that garlic has, according to “The Associate Director of Veterinary Services at Pet Poison Helpline", 5 times as potent as an onion. This underlines the fact that, if we take the Pet Poison Helpline's warning seriously, that the potent of an onion is 5g/kg, and the garlic’s potent is even 5 times higher, the question is answered already. The cat's little digestion system and even more that of a kitten is not up for it.

So, my recommendation. Avoid to give your cat any kind of food that has any traits of garlic.

Thank you for reading the article! I hope I have answered the question can cats eat garlic to its fullest and you have also learned a lot at the side about the garlic. Maybe you apply one or the other beauty tip mention in this article. If you do, why not tell me if it actually helped by writing your experience in the box below.


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