Best Self Cleaning Litter Box for Multiple Cats- Best of 6 ( Dec. 2017)

Maybe you have finally decided to embrace yourself with a new cat, maybe you already have a cat or even multiple cats. However, if you want to keep your cat at home (don’t let her outside), you know that a litter box is a must have in your cat’s daily life to maintain a clean and, hopefully, sustainable home. In this article I want to introduce you to “The Best Self-Cleaning Litter Box for Cats”, or if you happen to have multiple cats the "Best Self-Cleaning Litter Box for Multiple Cats",  to help you ease your mind knowing that not only your little feline knows where to do business but at the same time you do not have to regularly go through the dreadful procedure of cleaning your cat’s litter box because it’s been taken care of by itself. In my opinion, it is very relieving knowing that I don’t have to go through the nasty maintenance procedure daily. What about you?

However, bevor I deep dive explaining the pros and cons of each self-cleaning litter box, I give you an overview and compare each self-cleaning litter box in a comparison table where you see the best self-cleaning litter boxes with the (in my opinion), best one on top. If you want to check out each litter box presented, I invite you to click the button right handed, which leads you to the amazon site where you can find out the prize for each litter box separately. To be fair and honest, every self-cleaning litter box has its pros and cons. The one that made it to the top, is the one clearly outweighing the pros in:

  • Durability
  • Efficiency
  • Prize

In Case you want to see the best self-cleaning litter boxes and their best features here i​s an overview of the top3 

Litter-robot III 

CatGenie - 120 

SCOOPFREE​​​​ - Ultra

  • 95% Reliability

  • It works with a rotating sifting mechanism

  • Excellent odor control

  • It works with clumping litter

  • For cats up to 20 lbs. approx.

  • Suitable for up to 4 cats

  • Full waste drawer indicator

  • Battery backup option

  • 70% Reliability 
  • works when connected to water system
  • medium odor control
  • It works with washable granules
  • for cats up to 12 lbs
  • up to 3 cats/ better 2
  • self-flushing indicator 
  • only plug-in

  • 70 % Reliability

  • It works with an automatic rake 
  • urine odor control
  • It works with blue crystals
  • For cats with up to 12 lbs. approx.

  • up to 2 cats/preferably 1cat
  • no waste drawer indicator
  • Only plug-in



2nd choice  

3rd choice 


5th ​



litter robot III

cat genie-120

 PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra- 

 PetSafe ScoopFree original- 

smartscoop automatic 

petsafe simply


29.2x24.1x 26.7 in

19.25 x 24.5 x 21in

20.5 x 28.5 x 11.5 in

28.1 x 10.1 x 17.6 in

25.5 x 16.8 x 7.5 in

19 x 26 x 10 in


29.9 lbs

26 lbs

19.6 lbs

15 lbs

 12 lbs 

 12.5 lbs 

Why a transition from a current litter box to a self-cleaning litter box is worth a consideration

Self-cleaning litter boxes have become popular among cat owners and not only those who feel or actually occupied with so many different tasks over the day leaving almost or no time to also clean a dirty cat litter box. Wondering why you need a self-cleaning litter box? Here are beneficial reasons:

Time saver: As already mentioned, it safes a hell of a time, due to other activities that keeping us busy all day. Therefore, it is much easier to automate the procedure to free up time for more important things or to relax after a long, hard, and stressful working day. Just imagine, no more cat’s waste scooping. What a relief, don’t you think?

Cleaning the litter box will become as easy as taking out the garbage

Days will be gone where you’re coming home and the first thing welcoming you is an ooze of yummy cat waste fragrance. Awesome! This want be a problem anymore if you buy for instance the litter robot.

Also the close encounter with the third art of poop will be over. No more scissors-rock-paper games with the spouse about the nasty unpleasant chore nobody wants to do in the first place. No more scratching cat waste off places where you don’t want to scoop in the first place and you’re need for taking a shower has risen even more. Maybe this is all a little bit dramatic. Still, cleaning the litter box on a daily basis is a chore you rather not have to deal with in the first place, right? Those days are gone with a self-cleaning litter box.

You’ll save up have the money you’re currently spent on litter!

Imagine you don’t have to buy and haul as many litter bags as you have to now. Let me get into more detail showing you what you’ll actually safe if you spend a bit more upfront cost for let’s say the Cat Genie:

Let’s say you have one or even more cats. This is how much money you’ll spend on litter bags over the year and, please, don’t forget the agony of nasty daily cleaning!

Each month you have to buy at least 20 -40lb litter bags according how many cats you have. Each bag comes with a half smiling Andrew Jackson bill you have to wave good bye. If you have 2 or more cats than probably two half smiling Jackson bills. In accumulation we’re talking about more than 5 smiling Benjamin Franklin’s ($500) and a lot of daily nasty scooping!

With the Cat Genie for instance, you easily can use 2 months in cat activation mode. The cartridge is about $24 each for a 6 pack $149 per year. If you have more than one cat (2, 3 or even more), you pay around $340 for the self-cleaning litter box and the cartridges together the first year, even less if you have one cat. The following years you’ll only spend $149 or even much less depending on how many cats you have. You do not have to be a math whiz to see you’ll start saving money around month 5 or even earlier and have already saved over $190 at the end of the year and don’t forget lots of dreadful litter box cleaning along with it. And when you’re technically inclined, you can hack the Cat Genie and with Cat genius to even go without cartridges at all and save even more money. You see where this is going? With the  CatGenius, and the Litter Robot too, will you save money over time, because it only takes less than half the litter of the normal litter box. 

litter robot iII 

For those who are familiar with the movie "Odyssey in Space 2001" by Stanley Kubrick, probably, agree with me when I say this futuristic self-cleaning litter box looks like a prob taken right out of the movie. Wait till you turn on the light of the litter box and you agree that future has finally crossed the door steps to your home.  However, the cool features this baby is coming with are more than worth mentioning, which is why it made it to the top of the list.

Almost Human like
how the litter-​Robot works

The Litter-Robot III Open Air Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter does exactly replicate the movement you would do when cleaning the litter box of your feline. It uses a scoop to take out cat’s waste and dumps it into a container. Litter-Robot had listened to the feedback of its customers and made some major changes and upgrades to the former version Litter-Robot Litter II Bubble.

Once the cat has finished its business, a special rotation mechanism drops the cat's waste into a drawer, which sits right underneath the globe. Depending on your adjustments (3-7-15 minutes), after the cat leaves the Litter- Robot.

Compare to other self-cleaning litter boxes, Litter-Robot III keeps it old school when it comes to litter.


It doesn’t use absorbent crystals like the PetSafe Scoop Free Original Self-Cleaning litter box or scrubs the litter with a detergent like the CatGenie.

Cat's Detector Built Into the Litter- Robot

The Litter-Robot III detects the entrance of your cat via a built in sensor and waits several minutes after the cat finished its business taking the waste and dumps it in the department underneath. It does not only ensure that litter can clump but at the same time the cat won’t be dumped into the department too. The space capsule looks alike has, as viewable in the picture, a big opening, which makes it perfectly suitable for big cats. As a nice side effect; the Litter-Robot has a light inside the globe for cats who might have issues with night vision. You can program the Litter-Robot to not operate during night time so it will not disturb you or anybody in your household while sleeping.

Additional Recommended Accessories

To be on the safe side, I highly recommend, in case you decide to buy one Litter-Robot, to buy a little broom and dust pan and a litter matt additionally putting it right under and in front of the litter box to prevent overly cleaning litter pellets around the house, which might be still stick to the cats paws after leaving the robot.


General Dimension (length/width/height) 

The size of the Litter-Robot is: 29.2" x 24.1" x 26.7" 

Pan Size  17" across 

The item weighs around 24 lbs 

Power: 120 volt outlet -15 VDC

Battery Within the Litter-Robot

In case of any power failure, the Litter-Robot comes with a backup battery, so even with a power failure the robot won’t let you down doing its job you paid for in the first place. Even though the upfront cost are pretty steep, most of those users who gave into the high investment were happy they did.

What are the Requirements to install the Litter-Robot

1) A level surface

2) electric outlet

Cleaning Cycle

  1. Minutes Delay Before Cycle: 7-7-15 delay (adjustable)
  2. Safety mechanism – The rotation stops it as cat re-enters the litter box and resets for another 3-7-15 minutes.

Maintenance (one cat)

Frequency disposing waste                                             

  • Toss the waste every 5-10 days (depending on cat)
  • Frequency cleaning unit approx.)                          
  • wash the globe every other month.

How to clean unit                                                                                  

I recommend you to wash the globe using mild soap (preferably no hardcore acids)

Supplies (one cat)

  • Doesn’t require branded refills 
  • I recommend you to buy premium clay clumping litter
  • Other needed supplies                            


Optional Accessories

  • ramp

Cost by Month $ (one cat)                                             

  • cost approx.  $12-$15


  • cat's weight: 5 lbs.up to over 20 lbs.
  • kittens; only if you use the Litter-Robot manually
  • multi cats                                                                                   

Money Back Guarantee

  • And if you are, for any reason, not happy with the Litter-Robot you can send it back in a time span of 90 days and get your money back. This gives you more freedom to try it out and see how your cat(s) react(s) to the new futuristic globe and how well they’ll welcome their new self-cleaning box. If your cat(s) for any reason do(es) not like it, you don'tlose anything as far more gain knowledge of what does not work for your little feline.
  • Additionally, you have a 2-years guarantee on the Litter-Robot.

What You Can Do If For Any Reasons Your Refuses to Go Inside the Litter-Robot

Some cats might not be as curious as other cats. They are more hesitant or even fearful of new terrain or things that intrudes their life. Just imagine, day in and day out you conveniently drive your car wherever you want to go. It is second nature. Unfortunately, due to outer influences your car stops working and you are forced to take public transportation, which makes life (at the beginning), uncomfortable because the convenient factor (car) is being replaced for public buses or train. The same effect might be true for your cat(s) when presented with a new toilet he/she is not use to. So, patience and affirmation might do the trick to help him/her transition as smooth as possible to a new way of doing business.

These are tricks and recommendations that might help you accelerating a smooth transition from the old realm to the new realm of business life in case your cat(s) are hesitant to use the Litter-Robot right from the start:

  • Place the Litter-Robot next to the old litter box.
  • Take a cup from the old litter box and add it to the litter in the Litter-Robot globe. The idea here is that your cat senses her scent and follows it into the Litter-Robot globe. Once inside the globe it feels the litter under its paws and the nature effect starts its part.

If it does not seem to help, start with affirming her and additionally put some little treats on the notch and into the globe. If might not work right from the start, so be a bit patience and try it several times till the accommodation mode starts taking effect.  

                                    The Cold Turkey Method

This method might not work with every cat, but you know your cat best and might want to try it, if you think your cat will go for it. As the title says just take the old litter box and replace it with the Litter-Robot. Many cats are more curious than fearful and won’t have any problems welcome the new litter box as their new realm of doing business.

The Cardboard Method

Cats love card boards and this might be a good alternative and worth trying out when the other methods do not seem to work.

Take the Cardboard of the Litter-Robot and cut a hole into the part where the Litter-Robot has its entrance. The same goes for the handle part of the waste department underneath. The cat, due to her curious nature, will investigate what lays behind the opening of the cardboard and, voila, might lose all their hesitation. Just as a little reminder! Do not forget to keep the power cord unplugged while using this method.

        Can Kittens Use the Litter-Robot?

I don’t recommend you to let kittens under 5lbs in the dome when the unattended mode is on, because they are still to light to activate the cats sensor. Therefore, if you want to warm up your kitten for the Litter-Robot, please, leave the robot turned off and only start the cleaning cycle manually until you are certain that your cat brings the necessary weight on the scale to activate the automatic cat sensor.

pros and cons of the Litter-Robot



  • great space for even bigger cats as the main coon (for those who might be asking themselves who are the proud owner of one or even more)
  •  no wires and rakes that could actually jam 

  • easy to clean (only needs a thoroughly clean 2x a year).
  • huge save on a litter bill (made up over time for the high upfront cost (explained and laid out in much greater detail in the in depth review)

  •  no rakes and it even has an automatic nightlight. 

  • Very easy to set-up because it comes fully assembled and ready to use out of the box.
  • Very reliable when it comes to cleaning, ergo going on short trips (1-2 days) is not an issue.
  • The inner globe material is made of rubber that handles the cat’s scratching and digging
  • You can adjust the wait time of the cleaning process after the cat has finished its business (3-7-15 minutes).
  • Full light indicator to empty the waste drawer.
  • Great cat’s waste odor control with vents and charcoal filter on waste drawer.
  • Easily fill litter into the globe up to the seemed line.
  • For cats with impaired vision comes the integrated futuristic blue light handy.
  • Self-adjusting sensor allows the unit to work reliably on any floor and with any cat’s weight (over 5 lbs).
  • Sleep mode allows you to stop the unit from operating at night.
  • No rakes to clean, ergo, no clumping and box bottom for you as a result.
  • Change litter with a simple push on the button.
  • You can use any kind of plastic trash bag for the cat’s waste
  • Save over 50% of cat litter.
  • Suitable for multiple cats 3 maybe even 4 cats).
  • With the new upgrade kit you can also connect the unit to the internet and run the unit via your smartphone. 
  • Price
  • Panel doesn’t show the current wait time (3, 7, or 15 minutes), ergo, there’s no way to check the new wait time if you decide to change it.

Questions and Answers of a happy Litter-robot III owner

The video below is a Q&A session with Amy who is a proud owner of two adorable ragdoll cats. At first she didn't want to have a Litter-Robot because of the size and the space it fills in ones house or apartment. Quite frankly, it is without any question not the smallest self-cleaning  litter box you can buy. Why Amy still decided to buy the Litter-Robot, you can find out by watching the video below. Maybe it also eases your decision of whether it is the right one for you or not! 

Tips you Can apply for a better Litter-Robot III Open Air Experience 

If you happen to have a playful and curious cat, I recommend you make sure he/she is not using the Litter box as her playground by jumping in and out during the cleaning rotation run. 

To avoid that from happening, I suggest you either train him/her to stop it or plug the unit into an additional timer. 

  1. If your cat shows trouble negotiating the step into the litter box, I suggest you to buy a ramp as an additional accessory which you can buy here. (amazon link).

Make sure to refill the globe with litter once a week if you have one cat. If the globe does not have sufficient litter the cleaning rotation cycle will not be triggered, ergo, the cat’s litter will not be emptied because the activation sensor is calibrated with a specific amount of litter plus the cat’s weight in order to activate it.

Depending on how active your cat digs the litter, it might be possible to having him/her shoveling litter outside the unit like you can see in the video below. My suggestion is to put a litter mat in front the Litter-Robot assuring yourself not having the problem to clean your cat’s litter in the most unwanted places. I recommend you the “Cat Litter Trapper EZ Clean ”.

If you are an environmental friend, I urge you to buy biodegradable plastic bags to store the cat’s waste as the Litter-Robot bags you can purchase with the accessories kit. If you’re interest what the kit is coming with apart from the bags, I suggest you to quench your curiosity by clicking here.

Probably the best cat litter to use with this unit is "Dr. Elsey’s Precious Ultra Clumping Cat Litter", Arm & Hammer Double Duty Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal. Crystal or pearls might only work if they small enough to fit through the screen holes in the inside of the globe.

How to clean the litter-Robot?

The Litter-Robot comes in 4 parts:

  • Base
  • globe
  • bonnet
  • waste drawer

 All parts are easy to clean. I invite you to watch the video below to see how to clean the Litter-Robot.


Don't let the Bonnet and the Base of the unit get in contact with water due to the electronics.

Why is the Litter-Robot III Open Air In My Opinion the Best on the Market?

  1. The Litter- Robot has the highest reliability rate of all other self-cleaning litter boxes.
  2. Fully self-scooping, no more dirty rakes, and to top it all at least 50 % saving on cat litter.
  3. It has an indicator that shows when it is time to empty the litter box
  4. A unique mechanism to release all the waste form the bottom
  5.  Minimum noise
  6. High capacity to collect the cat waste
  7. Practically 0 odor!

technical reasons why this is the best self-cleaning box on the market

  • You don’t need to scrape the bottom of the litter pan
  • Those litter boxes working with rakes seem to have the issue that the litter, due to urination of the cat, forms big clumps. ergo, the litter will stuck on the bottom of the litter pan. The rake of those litter boxes have a hard time collecting clumps and you as a cat owner has to do that manually.

The Litter Robot has a rotation system and works without a rake. The rotation mechanism does not give time for the litter to form clumps after the cat finishes its business. 

  1. Some cats seem to have a problem doing their business solemnly in the center of the litter box, ergo, some feces seem to end up alongside the litter box.
  2. The Litter Robot does not have edges due to its globe shape.
  3. You don’t have to manually even the Litter in the box to work smoothly.
  4. Some automatic litter boxes with a rake seem to have an issue to even the litter after the rake went through it, ergo, creating piles of litter you have to even manually.

This might be happening for the following reasons:

  • The litter creates piles behind the rake, which needs to be evenly spread back into the center of the box.
  • The cat creates big piles of litter, so, the sensor mechanism will tend to clog.

You do not have to buy supplies form the brand for the unit to operate

If you read reviews from cat owners who have different cleaning litter boxes they all seem to have the same issue with their automatic litter box; they are trapped with using additional supplies to make their units work smoothly.

These are some automatic litter boxes that need you to buy their products to make sure the self-automated litter box works smoothly.

  • The brand’s trays pre-filled with crystals
  • The brand’s plastic waste trays
  • The brand’s detergent for cleaning cycles
  • The brand’s litter

The Litter-Robot works with any good litter

An additional 8 or 13 gal. plastic trash bag and you're saddled.

I think these are solid reasons why the Litter-Robot, even with its steep upfront cost, is the best self-cleaning cat litter box currently on the market. 

Additional Accessories you can use with the Litter-Robot

To solve any other upcoming problems or issues, there are additionally accessories you can buy for the litter box. To see what other accessories you can use with the Litter-Robot, I recommend you watching the video below to see and decide for yourself if it is for you or not. 

the newest smartphone Upgrade Kit

The newest innovation upgrade kit you can apply to the Litter-Robot. The entire installation process is easy and straightforward. All you have to do is exchange the circuit panel with the new WiFi connection circuit panel, and you are ready to connect your Litter-Robot with the internet and with your smartphone too.You can watch the installation process in the video below. Once you replaced the old circuit panel and replaced it with the new one, you can download the smartphone application onto your smartphone and enjoy your new internet controllable Litter-Robot. 🙂

What Tools Do You need to Install the Litter-Robot Upgrade? 

  • 1 screwdriver
  • 1 carpet knife or anything similar to detach the applicator from its plastic underlay. 

Posssible Problems and Solutions 



  • If you happen to have an active cat who loves to dig and kick the litter heavily litter might end up outside the globe.
  • If you happen to overfill the globe with the recommended 12-13 cups of litter the unit might not complete a complete rotation.
  • If you forget to regularly fill the globe to the given line indicator the unit will not start its cycling process.
  • Some litter happens to fall between the bag and the waste drawer (this hardly happens)
  • Do yourself the favor and buy either a fence, the ramp, or an easy to use clean litter mat.
  • Take out some litter and make sure you only fill the globe to the recommended line indicator (12-13 cups).
  • Fill the globe with litter up to the line indicator (in general once a week should do the trick).
  • Just assure yourself that you have lined the bag tightly to the drawer.

Who is best suited to buy a Litter-Robot?

  • People who want to completely (almost) forget the nasty part of getting in daily physical close-up contact with cat’s waste and smell.
  • People with medical issues having a hard time to bend over due to back or discs problems, especially on a daily basis.
  • A cat owners who are willing to fork out a steep up-front investment with future expenses as of disposable litter tray or cat’s litter.
  • Cat owners who have one or even multiple cats (up to 3 maybe even 4 cats weighing between 5 to 20 lbs.)


I ​Do ​Not ​Recommend ​The ​Litter-Robot ​To ​Those ​Who ​Have/​Are:
  • ​Not willing to fork out some steep for up money, (even though it will safe you money in the long run). 
  • If you happen to have cats less than 5 months old (sensor won't be able to detect them). 

Overall description

CatGenie swaggers with the fact that it is the only world’s self-washing cat box, which actually resembles a human toilet and even better, because it even washes itself all that by an easy to press little button. It’s a kind of magic, magic! So, change or buy cat litter can be erased out of your system. Definitely more than just a minor plus! So, what is the magical trick behind the fact that you don’t even have to buy and use litter anymore? Well, the answer to that question lays in washable granules.

The CatGenie is (according to the promise of the manufacturer) dust, germ, odor, and litter free and automatically washes, sanitizes, and dries itself.

The CatGenie requires a cold water connection, drainage, and electric power.  

What are the exact measurements of the CatGenie?

CatGenie is 19.25" wide, 24.5" long and 21" high, including the removable Cartridge. It takes the same space as a large-size, automated litter box.

What Are the Cats Dimensions of the CatsGenie?

The CatGenie Basin is 17" across, which gives a cat 230 square inches of useable cat space. Most litter boxes are 196 square inches. Large boxes are 236 square inches. To maximize the cat space, the CatGenie rounded the corners.

Places where to set up the CatGenie

Due to the fact that the GenieCat Litter Box needs a water supply, the best places to put the CatGenie is the bathroom, washing room or any other place where you have an extra water supply to connect the CatGenie.  

Do I Have to Buy Any Additional Supplies or Accessories When Buying the CatGenie?

No, everything necessary is included except a wrench and a pair of pliers you need to connect with the water pipe.

Is the CatGenie programmable?

Yes, the CatGenie has several Activation choices to ease your mind. On average the delay of the cat doing business and the cleaning procedure is 10 minutes. Therefore, there is time for multiple cats to use the litter box (in case) it is necessary. According to the manufacturer claims, the CatGenie is the greenest cat box ever and quite possibly the most economical too. Even the plastic in the SaniSolution Cartridge is recyclable (as you know) this does not count for the cat litter bags.

Each cartridges holds at least 120 washes. If you set on Cat Activation you can even get 240 washes. So, to do the math right, a year supply of cartridges takes up less space and uses less plastic than one container/ a month’s supply of cat litter.

How many cats are suitable to use the CatGenie? 

The CatGenie is suitable for up to 3 cats, and I recommend you to only let cats in who are 6 months and older. You should not have any issues if your cat is over 20 lbs. 

How does CatGenie save me Time & Work?

If you want to know exactly how the CatGenie saves you time and work, please, visit the website by clicking here

Additionally to the CatGenie you can also buy a dome which serves the purpose of having the cat not pee over the rim of the CatGenie. If you want to check it out, please click this link here

Cat Concerns

Do Cats have to go on wet granulates? 

The CatGenie dries the granulates after cats used it. 

Is the CatGenie noisy during cleaning cycling process? 

In the less than 30-minutes cleaning process, 26 minutes are almost unhearable. There are three short periods you'll hear the sound of water draining similar in volume of your washing machine, that's it!

How long does the cleaning and drying process take?

The entire process takes less than 30 minutes.

What if my cat has to use the CatGenie while it is washing?

Cats sleep between 15 to 20 hours a day. They usually pass do their business within 30 minutes of eating their main meal. So you have plenty of time to run the CatGenie. You can also set the unit on Cat Activation. After your cat does his/her business, your CatGenie waits 10 minutes before cleaning. In a multi cat household, it gives time for a second cat to come in. Afterwards it resets and waits another 10 minutes automatically, to allow another cat to use it. CatGenie does that until every cat is done. You also have Auto Start (pre-set to run 1 to 4 times daily) and an Manual Start options.

How safe are the Washable Granules? What if my cat ingests them?

Because the granules are made of non-toxic combination of synthetic and natural ingredients, they won't harm a cat in any form. So, in case a cat swallows them, they will straight pass through the digestive system and let go of them with one of his/her sit ins. 

​Is the SaniSolution in the 120 Cartridge safe for cats?

Yes! It is the same solution veterinarians use to clean their examination area.

What happens If my cat is in the box when a cleaning cycle starts?

Cat Genie has built-in sensors, called GenieEyes. It recognizes your cat using the CatGenie, so, the cleaning will not start. If the ​auto ​set is on it will not start until 60 seconds AFTER the cat has left the system. If another cat jumps in, the CatGenie waits until that cat leaves. It waits another 60 seconds before it Auto Starts. If programmed for Cat Activation, the CatGenie waits 10 minutes after the cat leaves the CatGenie. If another cat needs to use it, the CatGenie resets and waits another 10 minutes. It is self explanatory that you would never start the washing process when the cat is using the litter box.

Will my cat accept the different cat box?

Cats accept the cat-friendly shape and comfy litter Granules of the CatGenie. They use the CatGenie as they use any clean litter box.

Will the washing scare my cat?

Usually cats will understand that the cleaning is a good thing and see the cleaning as a benefit due to cats behaviorists. Many cats are fond of the warmed granules. I recommend you to run the cleaning process at night when the cat(s) are sleeping. 


Can I Use Cat litter in the CatGenie? 

No! ​Do not use any other cat litter in the CatGenie. ​The reason being is that cats r. The Washable Granules are made especially for the CatGenie. Warning: Only use Washable Granules. Anything else will damage the unit, clog your pipes, and void your Warranty.

Does the CatGenie uses a special Kind of Granules? 

The CatGenie uses only cat-comfy, permanent Washable Granules.

How much Granulates Will You need

​This depends on how many cats you have. You can usually last for 6 month with one bag.

How often do ​You need to change the Granulates or even replace them? 

Actually, the Washable Granules never need changing or replacement as they are washed, scrubbed, and cleaned every time the CatGenie runs. However, you will need to add Granules because some will be lost as they may stick to solids or get kicked out of the Basin. Just keep the Basin filled to the safe-level line for optimum performance and for your cat’s comfort.

Will the Granules clog my pipes or damage my septic system?

No. Granules are biodegradable and won't do any harm to the environment. It might happen that a few granules will keep stick to feces, which will go down the drain. ​

CatGenie Requirements

Do I need A plumber to Set-up the CatGenie? 

Usually there is no need of a plumber because of an easy and straightforward process to set-up the CatGenie. With your purchase you get an outside-diameter, 1/2-inch (inside-diameter, 3/8-inch) T-adapter for bathroom setup and an outside-diameter, 1-inch (inside-diameter, 3/4-inch) T-adapter for laundry room setup. These fit 95% of locations. If you happen to have a non-standard hookup or a different size T-adapter, you have to buy that separately because this is not included. You can buy them at almost no cost in a regular home depot. 

Does it hook up to plumbing?

Yes, you just hook it up to a cold water intake either from a sink, toilet, or washing machine. You hang the drain hose of the CatGenie over the toilet rim, that's it! Easy and straightforward process.

Does the CatGenie need electricity?

The CatGenie needs an electrical outlet for power to operate.

How do You clean the CatGenie Self-Washing Cat Box?

The great benefit of the CatGenie is that it is the only cat box that actually washes and cleans itself. Like any appliance, it is a good idea to wipe the outside surfaces and take it apart and do a thorough cleaning 2x a year. The CatGenie 120 has a Maintenance Cartridge that you use a few times a year to remove lime and grime that could build up in hard to reach areas. The Water Sensor, a small, easy to reach part, should be cleaned when you change a Cartridge.

How does solid waste get through the pipes?

The solids get ground up into liquid for safe and easy removal down the drain.

How long does it take to set up the CatGenie?

On ​average, it takes less than 15 minutes to set up the CatGenie.

How many times a day should I run the CatGenie 120?

Run the CatGenie 120, for one to two cycles for each cat (if you have multiple cats) per day. ​Run the CatGenie at least once every day even if you don’t see waste in the box. ​To be on the safe side set the unit on cat activation. ​This way it is cleaner and more economical because the 120 Cartridge adjusts to dispense the SaniSolution for 240 washes.

Where is the best place to locate a CatGenie?

​You can hook up the CatGenie in any room that has incoming water supply, drainage, and an electric outlet like ​the bathroom,  laundry room. 

Can I refill the CatGenie Cartridge?

No! Veterinarians helped develop the special, cat-safe SaniSolution formula which has been thoroughly tested.​

How long will the SaniSolution last?

You can run the CatGenie 120 times before the SaniSolution Cartridge runs out. On ​cat ​activation, you will get 240 washes. When it gets down to 10 washes. If you have to exchange the Cartridge you can see when the  LED lights up as a reminder. This happens when you only short on three washes. ​he CatGenie 120 only operates with a SaniSolution 120 Cartridge. Make sure that you always have an extra Cartridge because the CatGenie 120 only runs with a 120 Cartridge.

Is the 120 Cartridge Biodegradable or Recyclable?

Yes. The cartridge is made of degradable material wich biodegrade in less than a decade. The plastic you can recycle too.



Can I fit the CatGenie in a cabinet?

​Keep in mind that the unit comes with a 6” in height for easy removal of the SaniSolution Smart Cartridge. It sticks out of the top of the system.

Veterinarian Advice

Are there any health benefits with the CatGenie?

With the CatGenie, times of getting in contact with cat waste or germy, smelly litter are in the past. You won't have to inhale litter dust anymore. The chances of catching toxoplasmosis (bacteria that causes flue) from cat's waste is not an issue anymore. For those reasons, the CatGenie is healthier and safer especially if you happen to be a pregnant woman, undergoing cancer treatments, suffer under low immune system, are prone to catch diseases, allergies or asthma easily.

The stools get flushed so how can I check for problems?

You can check for problems right before you press the wash button. Warning! Don’t pre-set the CatGenie to start on automatic when you want to examine the feces.

What do veterinarians say about the CatGenie?

Veterinarians find the CatGenie to be a great alternative to either the traditional or the self-scooping litter box. The reason that the CatGenie washes and flushes the feces of the cat daily, is another feature to point out positively, ergo, reduces the chances of inappropriate elimination. Veterinarians also highlight the the fact that the dust free Washable Granules are a healthy alternative to clay and clumping litter.

Why should I switch to the CatGenie?

Never scoop, touch or change cat litter again is, in my opinion, reason number one.  Another point is the time saver that comes with it of not having too, manually, clean the litter box daily.

  • No more saving of cat waste in a box. 
  • No more litter box odors. 
  • Complete automatic cat sanitation for all cat lovers including: busy moms, working people, travelers and whover might be benefitting from it. 

About CatGenie

Washable ​granules replace the litter. The CatGenie need to be hooked to a cold drainage and elecrtic power outlet. Once your cat has finished its business, the feces and the urine will go their separate ways. The urine will end up in the drain and the feces end up on a shovel that transports to the part where it gets also liquified and disposed. Once the cleaning part ends, a built in dryer blows the granules dry. That's it!

Does CatGenie dispose of All cat waste?

Yes. Whether ​in whatever form the cat's waste comes, the CatGenie handles it.

Does the CatGenie come with a cover or hood?

Yes. If you are interested in either the dome or the slide for the CatGenie just click the button either for the dome or for the slide below and it will lead you right to amazon. You can get more info about the dome or the slide, its costs, and the beneficials.

Getting Your Cat Acclimated

How long is the cat acclimation process?

Most cats take to the CatGenie immediately. Cats have different personalities and adjust to new things in their environment at different rates.

How many cats can use one CatGenie unit?

​CatGenie is most suitable for up to 2 cats, up to 20 lbs. In some cases, three cats can use one CatGenie unit. If you have three cats. If you used to have one litter box for 3 cats, then they shouldn't have a problem switching to the CatGenie easily.  than

Will my cat acclimate to and use the CatGenie Self-Washing Cat Box?

Even though every cat has its own personality there shouldn't be any problem that your cat will adapt to the new litter box quicly. It was a renowed cat trainer who wrote the entire plan and acclimation protocols for the CatGenie.

What are the pros and the cons to buy a catgenie? 



  • It is a fully automatic solution for scooping and disposing the waste.
  • It has a programmable automatic flushing system keeping the unit clean and disinfected.
  • Good for up to 2 cats.
  • Easy set-up
  • Has trouble to work at its best when your cat defecates soft feces, ergo, feces might remain on the litter after cleaning process (cleaning cycle might pulverize the litter which will result in bad waste and urine smell).
  • The system can clog over time (not always the case)
  • Biodegradable litter dos not cover the cat feces and urine odor.
  • Granules often sticks at the cats paws causing you to clean in varies places of your home.

  • Loud cleaning cycles                                                                       

I recommend the catGenie to those cat owners that are/have:

  • No time to clean scoop manually every day
  • Who have enough space and an extra water hose connection to plug in the catgenie system (ideal is a basement bathroom or any room where you can connect the water hose.
  • Suitable for multiple cat (max. 3 cats)
  • If your cat has a firm stool

I don’t recommend this unit to those who are/have

  • More than 3 cats (or you buy an extra unit).
  • Small houses or apartments without an extra water connection.
  • Cat(s) who are prone to defecate(s) soft feces.
  • If you can’t or not willing to clean the unit periodically (if you don’t high risk clogging).

ScoopFree Ultra Product Description

The ScoopFree Ultra is the only Self-cleaning cat litter box that has a disposable litter tray underneath the box. It uses blue crystals to absorb urine and control feces odor. The idea of the cleaning box is to let your cat make her business on the provided litter area till it gets dirty enough to exchange the tray underneath the litter box for a new one.

The manufacturer recommends replacing the tray every 20-30 days when you are in possession of one cat, every 10-15 with 2 cats, and every 7- 10 for 3 cats. If you have more than 2 cats, it is recommendable to buy one more unit to keep the follow up costs lower.

The ScoopFree Ultra’s rake starts its working cycling after 5, 10 or 20 minutes after the cat has finished its business. If your cat feels like he/she has actually unfinished business and decides to close up his/her business while the cleaning cycle is in active mode, sensors built into the unit reset the litter for another 5,10,20 minutes depending on how you have programmed the litter box.

These are the ScoopFree Ultra Features

  • It automatically scoops the litter box
  • Dust free blue crystals have low tracking
  • Crystals absorb cat’s urine and feces thus helps to reduce odors.
  • Reliable raking system
  • It includes a "Privacy Hood", adjustable rake delay and health counter.
  • Unique system that uses disposable litter trays pre-filled with blue crystals for best odor control
  • Convenient cleaning of the litter box, just changing the used tray for a new one.
  • The system uses power supply UL-rated 120 V 60 Hz AC Adapter
  • The cord length measures 10 foot
  • Litter Box dimensions are 19”W x 27 -3/8”Lx 7H(16- ¾”H with hood installed)
  • Disposable Tray Dimensions: 14- 1/1 W x 22” L X 2-1/2”H
  • Litter Area Dimensions: 14’x 14” square
  • The Hood and Waste Trap Cover come in Purple or Taupe  
  • Disposable trays come in Original Scent Lavender o Dye- Free
  • 90-day money back guarantee (free shipping cost)
  • One year limited product warranty (free shipping cost)

The ScoppFree Unit includes

  • 1 ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box
  • 2 Privacy Hood
  • 1 Premium Blue Crystal litter Cartridge
  • 2 Power Supply Adapter
  • Owner’s Manual

How the Litter Box Runs

The whole idea goes as follows:

The cat enters the ScoopFree litter box and urinates on the blue crystals. These absorb and deodorize the urine to diminish the smell. After a set time, which can be programed, as already stated in the description at the beginning of this section. The ScoopFree rake runs through the blue crystals and re-distributes them till they're flat and even again. The cat does her usual "scratch and pour other crystals over the waste” thing. After the crystals finished their job (absorb the cat’s urine), no clumps were created and therefore no waste gets deposited into the ScoopFree’s waste trap.

If the cat defecates the ScoopFree’s rake pushes the clumps into a waste trap, which opens collecting the clumps and closes as the rake gets back into position while the cat’s waste lands in the waste tray underneath the self-cleaning litter box. The ScoopFree’s purple waste trap cover and the cardboard waste trap are attached by magnets and work together as a unit opening and closing together receive the waste. The cardboard waste trap is filled with more crystals, ergo, when it shuts down, it traps the odor, and the blue crystals can absorb it.

According to the manufacturer the rake of the ScoopFree litter box does not get jammed as it can happen to other self-cleaning litter boxes. This is because the rake changes direction and points as it sweeps to the front and back to the rear of the litter box. If you are interested to see how this looks in action, I recommend you to watch the video underneath demonstrating  what I mean in detail.

What are the Crystals Made of?

The blue crystals are made of silica and they work (according to the manufacturer), better with dry and fresh air, ergo when exposed to very humid place, the supposedly effect of keeping the cat’s waste odorless might not be achieved.

How to change the cartridge of the unit?

This is an easy and straight forward task. All you have to do is; lean the litter box against the wall, and with a sliding movement pull out the old cartridge and slide in the new once. Place the plastic cover back on the unit, pour fresh new crystals in the litter box and the old cartridge trash it in your garbage container and dispose it, done!

What You Can Do to Extend and Maximize the Cartridges Life Span

  • Keep the unit away from humid places
  • When a cat is prone to eat a high in crude fiber and ash content diet, they tend to defecate more, ergo, it is better to make some changes in the diet.
  • Senior cats and cats suffering diabetes, urinary problems, or thyroid problems tend to urinate more than a normal (healthy) cat, which results in a shorter life span of the ScoopFree litter box, ergo,  you want to look for solutions if you face those problems.
  • The same counts for kittens, because they tend to urinate more often than older cats.
  • This is the reason why I or the manufacturer recommends to not letting kittens under 6 months use the litter box, because it is not designed for kittens as more for adult cats.
  • To extend the life span of the litter box, stir the crystals more often.
  • Mix crystals that are behind the rake and along the sides of the ScoopFree litter box with the litter in the center.

Pros and cons



  • Easy set up

  • It scoops effectively without jamming like other rake type of litter boxes.

  • Crystals offer solid odor control and absorb the urine well.

  • Blue crystals don’t track or create dust as much as clumping litter

  • Clear easy and straight forward adjustable time delay for a cleaning cycle to 5, 10, or 20 minutes.

  • Contains a counter that helps to track how often your cat uses the litter box.
  • Contains a privacy hood for cats that like enclosed litter boxes.

  • It needs much less maintenance than other self-cleaning litter boxes.
  • You can wave good bye to scrap bottom of the pan 
  • Pretty convenient disposable system (big welcome for people with back problems or arthritis).
  • The system can go on its own for weeks if used with one cat and you’re following the instructions.
  • It makes some noise but it is much quieter than other rake –type automatic litter boxes.
  • Short cleaning cycle, approximately one minute.             
  • List Element
  • You have to buy cartridges to maintain the system. It gets expensive with more than one cat.

  • Occasionally some waste might get caught behind the rake or on the rale block the motion sensors.

  • If a cat scratches vigorously after doing its business it could scratch the cardboard bottom.

  • The waste trap is not sealed.

  • You have to stir the crystals often so the cat doesn’t use the same spot every time.

  • Cartridge gets heavy when dirty.

  • Not good for cats that use only the corner of litter boxes.
  • The litter area is not very big (14”x 14”)
  • Some cats urinate against walls of the litter box crating leaking between the box and the tray (this happens occasionally and only with some cats)
  • Cartridges life span could be shorter than advertised, depending on various factors (see instructions how to maximize life span of cartridges).                                                  
  • Some cats might not adopt to the crystals.
  • Magnets don’t strongly attach to the purple plastic waste trap cover.

But keep in mind that:

  • The crystals you buy are made from silica to assure you cat’s safety
  • The crystals need to be the right size for the ScopFree to work efficiently.
  • If the crystals are too big, the rake of the ScoopFree litter box drags the crystals with it and you will end up with a big mess!
  • If the crystals are too small, they can end up in the motor of the ScoopFree.
  • So, make sure you buy crystals as close as possible to the ScoopFree crystals’size to avoid any of the mentioned problems above to ensure a merit use of the ScoopFree litter box.
  • Some customers and users of the ScoopFree Ultra swear on Fresh Step Crystal litter, because it has a moisture, which triggers perfume when in contact with cat’s waste.

Another alternative customer have successfully tried and using are:

  • Arm and Hammer Natural clumping litter, requiring only scraping the bottom pan from the urine every 2 or 3 days.
  • When cleaning the Forever Tray once empty, ensure yourself to hose it down and let it dry before using it again. If you do not let it dry completely, your crystals in the tray will soak the water and ruin the crystals.

Another Alternative is the Bagger System with the ScoopFree System         

The idea of this alternative is a wooden platform with a hole on it and a bag attached to it.

When the rake of the ScoopFree litter box rakes the clumps, instead of going to the waste compartment, they fall right into the attached bag right underneath the tray on the front side of the litter- Bagger.

The Litter Bagger has its own permanent tray. When it is time to change the wet litter, you just scoop the through a hole into the bag underneath the tray and fill the ScoopFree litter box with new litter and dump the bag with the cat’s waste.


As the place already states this self-cleaning system is currently one of the best automated rake-system on the market to help you as much as possible to stay cat’s waste litter box clean free. Even though it is not 100% maintenance free as the manufacture wants you to believe it is, still, it will ease your mind by not thinking of dreadful cleaning for days. Your part still is to clear out the accumulated clumps that might have piled up for a couple days and even the crystal litter manually to assure a smooth raking operation and you will have and enjoy a reliable self-cleaning litter box for probably years to come. Just follow the instructions given in the manual.


Even though I want you to consider the following points:

The system has its ongoing costs apart the upfront cost for the system, especially if you own more than one cat on the one hand, but on the other hand you can save some money with using the “Forever Tray”. If you are interested in it, here is the link where you can purchase it. The overall monthly cost for a cartridge (having 1 cat) is more or less $30.

The life span of the cartridge is up to 15 or 20 days, if you keep the litter box somewhere in the basement or out of the living room area, you can even extend the life span for another week or so.

If you happen to live on a more tight budget, I recommend you to go the alternative way using the "Forver Tray". 

If your cat is prone for eating to eat by-products and her feces are of soft nature this automated self-cleaning litter box might not really do the hoped trick of cleaning the litter box as you wish it would and at the end you will be having a hard time with starting more manually maintenance work as you were trying to avoid it in the first place.

With these consideration and the pros and cons I recommend the Scoop Free Ultra to those cat owners who are:

  • Not having more than 2 cats
  • For small and medium sized cats (up to 10 lbs.)
  • If you happen to be able to afford ongoing supply costs for the cartridges
  • If you want to have the option of delaying the cleaning cycle process (not included in the Original Scoop Free Cleaning litter box).
  • Your cat has no problems to adapt to new things in general.

I don’t recommend the ScoopFree Ultra:

  • If you have big cats (over 15 lbs.).
  • If you have more than 2 cats and were thinking only going with cartridges (unless you have the budget to spend for your cats).
  • For kittens under 6 months old.
  • For cats urinating excessively or defecating soft feces.
  • Cats who are prone to urinate at the wall of litter boxes.
  • Small apartments that have a poor air circulation and humid is a rare commodity.

PetSafe ScoopFree Original 

How the Litter Box Works

 I think I can speak for you if daily cat’s waste cleaning does not belong to your most favorite task in a day, right?

Well, the ScoopFree self-cleaning box will help you to annihilate this process in automatically fashion doing the ugly part of the fun part (having and loving a cat), so you don’t have to it anymore.

Disposable litter trays are plastic sealed to protect against leakage.

The unit includes a disposable try with a plastic bag filled with the blue crystal you have to fill into the tray.

The ScoopFree litter box sieve starts its cleaning process 20 minutes after the cat has triggered the sensor activated by him/her  once he/she finished his/her business.

 90-day money-back guarantee.

How does it work?

The unit comes with a rake (or actually a sieve system) and a disposable litter tray that helps you to control the cat’s waste odor.

The only job you are left with, is simply fill the disposable tray with blue crystal litter and connect it to the litter box. That’s it!

After your cat has finished its business and left the litter box, a sensor (integrated into the automated litter box) will be activated and 20 minutes later the rake-sieving process starts the cleaning process by going through the blue crystal litter which absorbs moisture and smell and starts to dehydrate solids pushing the cat’s waste and crystal clumps (formed by the cat’s urine) and pushes it to the end of the litter under the litter hood (cardboard receptacle), leaving the blue crystals with a clean and fresh smell. You see, no more getting in contact with the waste! 

All you have to do is disposing the litter tray once a month if you are happen to have one cat.

The Features in a nutshell:

  • It cleans your litter box automatically and puts waste out if your sight.
  • Disposable trays prefilled with Premium Blue Crystals absorb odor and moisture to your convenience.
  • No need from your part to touch, clean, empty, or fill litter box for several days or even weeks!
  • Box dimensions are 27.5 x 19 x 7 in.
  • The litter dimension is 14 x 14 in.

How do you set- up the ScoopFree litter box?

  • The set-up and assembling process is easy and straightforward.
  • The whole litter box comes in three parts
  • Part 1- the litter part frame – picture
  • Part 2 – the litter tray with a plastic bag of blue crystals
  • Part 3- and the plastic hood (purple or taupet)

First thing you have to do is placing the tray’s lid under the litter box and slide the litter tray underneath, you should hear a “click” telling you the sensor on the waste trap connects with the sensors on the litter tray. As soon your hear it, you’re done and can enjoy your new free cat scooping life!

3 features are differentiating the ScoopFree Ultra from the ScoopFree Original litter box. They are:

1.Privacy Hood

The ScoopFree Ultra version contains a privacy hood, which is a removable piece, giving your cat not only privacy, as much more does it conceal nasty waste and urine smell better than the Original version. (Hint: you can still upgrade to the ultra-version later on).

2. Adjustable rake delay

The ultra-unit comes with the adjustable time activation allowing you adjusting the activation time of the sensor in the three intervals of 5-10, and 20 minutes. The original litter box unit only contains a default time of 20 minutes delay.

3.Health Counter

The health counter tracks the amount of times the cat does its business. It helps you to know when to change the tray and also provides important information regarding how often you cat is doing its business which you could use as relevant information to take to your vet.

Useful tips if you’re thinking about the purchase of this unit

If you want to save money in the long run, you have the option to buy a plastic tray, called “Forever Tray” of 8.8 lbs. After 6 month into having the litter unit, you’re starting to save money. The blue crystals you can buy in grocery stores at a very reasonable price or buy them here.

Another alternative is buying the Litter-Bagger Solution for Scoopfree. This gives you the convenience of accumulating the waste on the tray compartment, because the cat’s waste falls through a hole and into a bag. This system comes with its own tray. So, when it is time to change the litter, all you have to do is scooping the waste through the hole into the bag and fill the tray back with crystal litter, that’s it! The system will work with different types of cat litter.

The ScoopFree litter box is big so make sure you have enough room to place the bagger.

If you happen to have a cat who loves to have his/her privacy or it is a litter kicker, I recommend you to go with the Ultra litter box unit.


It has the hood which helps enormously lessening the distribution of the litter in your home.

On the other hand, if you happen to have a very large cat the hood system might work. In this case go with the high slides.  

Do yourself the favor and buy a cat map with the purchase of the litter box and put under or in front of the litter box. This helps lessen the distribution of crystals that might stick to your cat’s paws after leaving the box.

If your cat loves to urinate at one specific spot in the litter spot, the litter might start sticking to the litter bottom. If this is the case, I recommend you to stir or rake the crystal litter every other day and even it to maintain a long lasting crystal life.

Do not over extend the recommended time period of the disposable litter tray. The reason being is the risk is your litter box might start leaking.

If you want to maximize odor  control you can place baking soda on the waste compartment and get an air filter, such as the “Febreze Hamilton Air Filter and place the ScoopFree right next to it.

what are the pros and cons of the petscoopFree Original



  • The litter box system is easy to assemble and set-up process is easy and straightforward
  • Convenient disposable system.
  • The unit is reliable if you use it correctly
  • Cleaning process is very quiet in comparison to other self-cleaning systems.
  • Reduced smell due to the blue crystals
  • Long cord allows you to reach more distance outlets.
  • Crystals do not stick to the cat’s paws as easy like other litter.
  • It comes with an automatic reset-cleaning-cycle if your cat gets back to the litter box before 20 minutes of if another cat goes to the ScoopFree.

Your Heading Here

  • Expensive to maintain the system (pre-filled trays are expensive).
  • Some feces can get caught on the rake.
  • Clean litter tens to get collected in waste compartment
  • Sealed tray compartment that stores the waste is not airtight.
  • Trays are heavy wen ready to dispose
  • System does not seem to last as long as advertised (not necessarily the regularity).

The fresh crystal litter has the capacity to absorb the cat’s urine and with it its odor only to a certain degree. If the maximum has reached its peak, it fails its purpose dramatically and the litter (can)starts smelling horrible. Due to the disposable trays (made of paper), it's not really a set-up and forget system as the manufacturer wants you to believe. Still, you should be free of doing any cat’s waste scooping for at least 2- 3 weeks (for 1 cat) and 1-2 weeks (for 2 cats).
This also depends on the fact of how often (due to how much food and water your cat consumes over the day).
Since the blue crystals are made of silica and need good air circulation to eliminate odors, because they work with evaporation, I recommend you to put the litter box close to a window, door, or fan.


.All in all the ScoopFree Original cat litter box is a very well designed litter box helping you to forget the dreadful daily cleaning process of cat’s waste.

Still, once in a while you have to do some manually maintenance as with other self-cleaning litter boxes.

The litter box involves monthly (more or less) continuing costs, which is due to the disposable litter box.

In case you want to save money, I recommend you to buy a either the "Forever Tray and buy crystals from the grocery store or the supermarket for reasonable prices.

If your cat eats by-products that causes soft feces, it won’t be the best to buy this unit because the sieve-rake will have a hard time handling the waste thoroughly.


For these reasons I recommend the unit if you have/are:

  • 1 and max. 2 cats 
  • willing to spend in future supplies like disposable litter trays or the alternative "Forever Tray" litter box as I have already described it. 

I don’t recommend it if you are:

  • On a budget or you’re tight with money in general (when going with the disposable litter tray). Use it for more than one cat (because you have to change the disposable tray even more often)
  • If your cat eats a diet causing soft defecation.

This cat litter box pretty much operates the same way as other automated self-cleaning boxes. Its end goal is to prevent cat’s waste and urination smell and ease your mind not having you doing the dirty cleaning part.

Once your  cat has finished its business the rake system starts to clean the cat litter box sieving through the litter. The rake is triggered due to a sensor that detects the cat when leaving the litter box. It will be triggered after the cat leaves the litter box. 15 minutes later the rake starts a cleaning cycle. If a cat re-enters the unit during the cleaning cycle, sensors will detect the cat and will trigger the red light, ergo, the cleaning cycle re-starts with another 15 minutes delay.

If this happens, unfortunately, the cat’s waste and urine from the first time, has more time to release smell. Therefore, I recommend you to try to hold your cat away from the litter box after he/she used the litter box the first time to avoid the possible smell developing process.

However, the rake of the litter box starts collecting the clumps from the litter box and dumps it into a waste department. Since the rake does not push through the litter as other litter boxes, consequently, it maintains more cat litter in the box, which is good in the long run as it doesn’t need to be re-filled with new litter that often.

You might be happy to hear that the unit’s motor is surprisingly very powerful, but very quiet at the same time, ergo, even having it anywhere nearby the living room area is not of disturbance to you.

Also the fact that the unit works with any kind of litter is a pleasant side dish and you can even use any plastic trash bag for the waste department, saving  money on expensive cartridge replacements.

Another feature worth mentioning is, that the unit features angled deflector technology with fins and elevated height. This ensures the clumps will stay in the litter box.

The litter system does not come with batteries, it needs to be plugged in with the AC adapter.

What are the features of the litter box in a nutshell?

  • Pleasantly quite when doing the cleaning recycling process
  • Powerful motor
  • Thanks to the ‘Scoop and dispose’ system, it doesn’t waste more litter than needed.
  • Does what it supposed to do; cleaning litter box, ergo your cat happily uses a clean area where to do its business.
  • The self-cleaning litter box comes in easy to assembling and taking apart parts, which makes it a breeze cleaning parts.
  • Motor
  • Waste unit
  • Rake
  • Deflector
  • No need to buy special manufactured litter; use any cat clumping litter you want.

What is included in the litter box?

Apart from the main litter box you have:

  • 6 no-touch plastic bags
  • Cleaning scoop
  • No need for regular expensive crystal, cartridges or even plastic receptacles.
  • To maintain odors under control, the unit has carbon fiters
  • What are the dimensions of the Pet Zone Smart Scoop Litter Box?
  • The litter pan are is: 16” L X 14” W
  • The product unit dimension is: 25.5” L X 18.25” W X 7.6” H
  • How to clean the litter box
  • The entire cleaning of the litter box is an easy and straightforward process. All you need to do is taking the litter apart and clean them separately. The entire process you can watch in this video beneath.

what are the pros and cons of the Smartscoop litter box?



  • A breeze to assemble
  • The motor is powerful but at the same time very quiet.
  • Cleaning the unit is an easy and straightforward process.
  • You can use the unit with any kind of clumping cat litter.
  • The necessary plastic bags for the waste department are less expensive than plastic waste collector trays or crystal cartridges.
  • Scoop collects waste and does not push clean litter into the compartment.
  • Easy disposable of waste
  • High side-walls
  • Large size for multiple cat homes and big cats
  • The unit contains an indicator light working well to give status of the unit.
  • The unit’s rake has the tendency to miss some of the formed litter clumps stuck on the bottom of the unit due formed by the cat’s urine.
  • If a cat uses the same spot to urinate or leave its feces, this is area where the compartment fills up with litter quickly.
  • Since unit does not need a lot of litter, you have to re-fill it quite often to ensure a smooth operation process in the end.
  • The unit is pretty spacey which can be a “con” if you have no extra space.
  • The cord of the unit is quite short
  • The odor filter is not of best quality
  • As the rake does not push the litter doing its cleaning cycle, the litter has to be leveled manually.

Tips to prevent headaches

If you happen to run in any issues with the cat’s waste stuck in the rake, I recommend you to let it dry instead of cleaning right away. It will fall off once it is dry.

Please, ensure yourself to only buy quality clumping cat litter.

If your outlet seems out of reach where you intended the litter box to put, I recommend you to buy an additional extension cord if you not in possession of one.


The Pet Zone Scoop automatic cat litter box comes with a powerful and quiet operating motor and a roomy waste department and high side walls. These are feature points making the unit a worthwhile consideration to purchase.

Please keep in mind following points:

  • The rake might get stuck occasionally and you have to clear up the litter bottom and litter that has piled up on either the front end of the litter box or the back end of the litter box (behind the rake).
  • For best, healthy, and a smooth cleaning process I recommend you to buy quality litter.
  • Do not let the waste department get too full so the lit won’t close and the rake will get stuck.
  • As most other self-cleaning boxes occasional scooping is inevitable, especially, with big urine clumps if a cat happens to urinate a lot.  The machine works at its best with a firm stool.
  • The more free space you have the better to place the unit where it doesn’t disturb you because of its dimensions.

Listing theses features I recommend the unit if you are/have:

  • Small, medium, or big cats (20 lbs.)
  • If you are willing to do some maintenance once in a while as of scooping, pouring litter, and maybe even cleaning along the side slide of the unit.
  • If you sometimes need or want to go on a trip for one or two days.

I don’t recommend the unit for you if you are/have:

  • I you are not willing to do any kind of maintenance whatsoever.
  • If your cat is prone to have soft feces or urinates a lot.
  • If you happen to have a cat only uses the corner(s) of the litter box.
  • Kittens under 6 months
  • If your cat loves to either kick the litter or dig excessively
  • If you actually have to think really hard where to put the unit due to space problems.
  • When planning to go on extended trips (more than 2 days).

​Petsafe scoopfree litter box​

As you can see in the picture and as the name states, what this litter box differentiates from all other self-cleaning litter boxes is its dish-form and ongoing (not stopping) cleaning process. The manufacture calls it an innovative progress, many cat owners call it an innovative failure because of its fast dying motor. However, the litter box works continuously in rotating manner slowly (one rotation takes about an hour).

The best litter you can use with this self-cleaning litter is premium clumping litter.

The good thing about the self-cleaning dish formed litter box is that you don’t have to buy any additional accessories to make it work. You can even use any kind of plastic bag to storage the cat’s waste (which eases the wallet). All you need to do is let the litter box do its daily cleaning routine and you just take the plastic bag after filled up with the cat’s dump, that’s it!

For what kind of cats is the Litter box suited?

Cats with a weight of up to 12 lbs. can easily fit and use the litter box without any issues. Please, I recommend you to not let kittens under 6 month or cats with any physical issues use the litter box.

What is the voltage of the litter box?

  • This litter box runs on low voltage with an AC/DC adapter, of course, included with the litter box.
  • The cord is 8 feet long.
  • What are the main features of the litter box?
  • The litter dish-formed self-cleaner is easy to set-up
  • It is easy to clean
  • The motor runs quiet and smooth
  • Uses an AC/Dc adapter
  • You do not have to buy any additional supplies or plastic bags.
  • Works best with premium clumping litter
  • Great reduce of daily scooping litter
  • Automated self-cleaning process works effortlessly without stopping.
  • One rotational cleaning process take about an hour.
  • Suitable only for inside
  • Recommendable for cats to a weight of more or less 15 lbs.
  • You have a 30 day money-back guarantee.

This is how the Petsafe scoopfree self-cleaning box works

Once your cat has finished its business, the ongoing rotating automated self-cleaning litter dish evolves around a conveyor belt and acts as an ‘escalator’. Here sifts the cat’s waste through and move up to fall into a waste container to be disposed later on.

All you have to do is cleaning the left behind cat’s defecates stored in small trash bags (you can use supermarket trash bags), take it seal, seal it, throw it away and forget it! Replace it with a new one and you’re done!

Like I have already mentioned above, the best and healthy maintenance is accomplished by using premium clumping litter.

If you want to see this automated self-cleaning litter box in action, watch the video below.

What you get with the purchase of the litter box

  • The main litter box unit
  • AC adapter
  • User’s guide

These are useful tips when using the petsafe litter box system

If your cat seems to hesitate with transition from the old and familiar litter box to the new one, I recommend you to put some waste from the current litter box into the new one or place it right next to it till your cat starts using the new one (maybe it also takes a bit of affirmation and encouragement with some treats), till he/she starts to fully transition to the new system. At this point I recommend you to leave the new litter box unplugged to help your cat adapt to the new system more easily. Once he/she accepts and uses the new litter box, of course, it is time to set the new litter box in motion.

Please, don’t fill too much litter (marked bowl line) into the litter dish, especially if you happen to have a cat who likes to kick or dig the litter and hide their defecates, otherwise the litter will end up outside the litter, which costs additional litter clean up.

If your cat happens to be a strong kicker or digger, I suggest you tape a folder around the litter ring system, which also stops litter ending up on the floor.

Please, ensure yourself every time you put a new waste plastic bag in the container that it fits tightly, otherwise the system won’t work and shuts down for safety reasons and the cat’s waste starts accumulating.

How many times do you hear or read reviews of people saying that the product they bought died on them after using it only for a couple days or months?

The following tips will, hopefully, help you to increase the life span of your self-cleaning litter box.

As the unit already states is a self-cleaning litter box 24/7 in rotation mode. This, of course, increases the possibility of a short motor life span. This is why I recommend you to buy a timer which you connect with the unit and set to interval rotations over 24 hours; for instance 2-3 rotations a day. This way you will:

  • Increase the life span of the motor
  • Won’t scare your cat because the motor is rotating all day.

I also recommend you to only use high quality clumping litter. If you use any kind of litter that is dust free and does a bad job clumping litter, will cause the litter box’s malfunction and the motor will die on you.

Make sure to regularly maintain and clean thoroughly. This means dissembling and clean every part thoroughly.

Doing this at least every two weeks helps to (or at least increases) the life span of the gear and its proper working process without having any litter getting attached to it or getting clogged.

Hint: This is actually self-explanatory, still, be careful not getting the electrical parts of the unit in contact with water or any cleaning acids.

What are the Pros and the Cons of the Litter box?



  • Simple set up system
  • You don’t need any special or additional supply to keep the machine running.
  • Very reliable (when you follow the added instructions).
  • Continuous rotation keeps the litter box area clean
  • Almost odorless
  • Convenient disposable plastic bag system (use any plastic bag).
  • No excessive litter needed.
  • Motor is pretty quiet (unlike other self-cleaning boxes).
  • Less expensive than other litter systems.
  • Even though more silent than other litter boxes motor is still hearable.
  • Little motor tends to break after a short time span (internal gears are made of plastic (not ideal if you happen to have a “Garfield” like cat whose main hobby is eating).
  • Reoccurring problems that you might be facing and a solution you can apply to diminish the problem
  • Motor failure

Problems you might be facing and  solutions you can try to fix the problem




  • Lid of the unit becomes dislodged and unit starts operating.
  • Units starts squeaking
  • The unit rotates, the cats bury their wastes, and the loose waste ends up under the rotating unit.
  • Your cat(s)' hobby is litter kicking!
  • A hard and dry litter clump gets stuck between the conveyor unit and the conveyor frame as the unit may brushing the clump into the collection tub. This results in very loud clicks caused by the conveyor unable to move conveyor unit.
  • Smaller litter clumps tend to pass through the conveyor and go back into rotation with the rest of the clean litter.
  •  Motor failure after a short time span (internal gears are made of plastic (not ideal if you happen to have a “Garfield” like cat whose main hobby is eating).
  •  Take a regular pen and remove the thin sliver that is supposed to hang onto your clothes. Now place the pen cap onto the hole that has the switch (normally pressed down by the conveyor cover. Trim it so it flushes with the surface of the unit.  Glue it right in there.
    Finally, trim the part of the conveyor over hat normally presses in the switch. Now the unit operates with the lid on, loose, or completely off.
  • Apply graphite lubricant to the moving gears components (be careful avoiding any lubricant getting in your carpet or you are going to have a fun time getting it off of it).
  • Place a garbage bag on the floor, tilt the unit till the cat’s waste falls into the plastic bag.
  • Buy a few rubber pads to help you to vacuum less than necessary.
  • unplug the unit and shake the unit till the clump parts come out.
  • Clean the small chunks out with the “pooper scooper” when you replace the plastic bag and add litter.
  • Either call the manufacturer and ask for a motor replacement Or alternatively buy one on eBay (search for “AC5V 6V 9V 12V 24V 110V 220V TYC Metal Gear Synchronous Education Gear Motor and buy 2- 3 replacement motors for more or less $14). Make sure to buy the 24V, 1, 3 MPH motors. You have to specify that you need one CCW motor (for the top motor) and one CW motor (for the bottom), otherwise they will, probably, send you a CW/CCE motors that will change directions each time they are turned on. The good thing of these motors are that they come with metal gears and not plastic gears (as the gears of this litter box). As soon as you start hearing a grinding sound, it is time to change the motors again. Once you change the motors, make sure that you file down the shaft to the same length as the original or it will not fit properly (approx. 1/8 inch). Be very careful to not mix up the motors, otherwise everything will go backwards (and you would have to train your cat walks backwards :))while doing their business.

Taking the pros, cons, and probably occurring problems in consideration, I recommend the unit if you are:

  • In possession of a cat older than 6 months or an older cat weighing less than 12 lbs.
  • Having max. 2 cats

I don’t recommend the unit if you happen to have:

  • Cats weighing more than 15 lbs.
  • Cats that urinate as a hobby, or having chronic stomach issues causing soft feces.
  • If you want an absolute “set-up and forget” maintenance litter box.

Thank you very much for reading my review about the "Top 6 Self- Automatic Cat Litter Boxes". I hope I have answered all the questions you had before you read the review in its rich details. if you happen to have multiple cats, the best self-cleaning box for multiple cats is the Litter-Robot, even if it has its steepest price at the same time. However, if you have any further questions or encouragements do not hesitate to write them in the box below. Please, click one of the colorful social buttons and share the review with your friends and the world alike. Thank you


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