About Me

About Me

First of all, I want to welcome you to my site multibreeds.com!

The main purpose why I made this site is to give you the best information you can get referring to questions that are boggling you and want an answer for. You love your animal and there is nothing more than giving him/her the best treatment possible. My vision and statement for this site is “How my pet makes me a better owner”.

On this site we strive for best quality in a way to answer questions, showing and offering you products, that will help you to enhance the life of the pet and at the same time help you to enrich the life of your little family member. Pets are such an enrichment in life and we want to help you in every way possible to learn as much as possible about him/her.

With that said, please know that all the information you find on this website is for educational purpose only. If you have any medical questions, please, I strongly advise you to consult a veterinarian for any medical advice treatment or diagnosis for your pet(s).

Please feel free to send me a message if you disagree with anything on my site or if you want to provide any feedback or maybe affirmation. I’d love to hear from you in any way! You can contact me via the contact form here or by emailing me at multibreeds77@gmail.com.

Thank you!

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